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NZ U-19's in CWLand

Loony BoB

International Captain
Oh yeah. Hmm. I have nothing to go by on that outside of OD scoring rate, so going by percentages of those...

NZ U-19		Bat SR	Bowl ER
AP de Boorder	63.27	5.75
TD Astle	53.68	3.25
RM Hira		71.50	2.75
RPC Karaitiana	68.41	4.60
TG Southee	109.14	5.34
K Noema-Barnett	82.52	5.75
NP Fitzgerald	44.15	5.75
MJ Guptill	61.65	4.25
MP Ellison	52.73	5.75
SM Fitzgibbon	44.29	5.75
C Munro		43.71	4.70
JP Donnelly	7.73	2.90
HK Bennett	24.28	2.82
DJ Bartlett	59.50	5.75


Hall of Fame Member
Just to clarify - the selected players are only unavailable on the 23rd? Or are they unavailable until the ODIs are finished?

Loony BoB

International Captain
Just the 23rd. We'll notify on who'll be unavailable each day, we'll try to be prompt too so captains of DL sides will know who is unavailable.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Wow, very honoured to be given a berth in the first CWU19 OD side. Let's go get 'em.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Best of luck to all those selected, especially Nady, `cause he is cool. And Wilshere and Crampton... maybe.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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New Zealand U-19 vs Cricket Web U-19
at the CW Oval
1st Youth ODI

There was no clear hero at the Oval, but New Zealand trumped Cricket Web in the first ever Under-19 fixture between the nations. All the New Zealand Under-19 bowlers did a job wickets were taken at crucial stages to seal a tight 9-run win.

Both teams were stunned by the slow nature of the pitch, and the spinners were essential in slowing the build of momentum. It was the seamers who had the biggest wicket-taking say, however.

The visiting Kiwis were inserted after losing the toss, and wet and murky conditions meant that the initial exchanges were filled with intrigue.

Few boundaries were hit over the course of the innings, but the New Zealanders ran well between the wickets for the most part. Callum Thompson burst through with 4 wickets in the space of 9 balls, then Andy Cameron surrendered 10 off the final over, and New Zealand U-19 got to 252/8.

As cricket tends to feature, Thompson shifted from hero to villain with a frustrating cheap dismissal. The explosive Shan Jasotharan and Rob Dauth united though, and the Cricket Web youths looked to have seized the initiative with a 117-run stand. Alas, the dream was halted abruptly. Tim Southee was the architect in dismissing both batsmen in quick succession. Though the young Webheads continued to score freely, wickets tumbled with disconcerting regularity.

When the equation stated 54 runs needed from 60 balls with 4 wickets in hand the intensity from both sides was at a high. New Zealand dropped 2 catches in the late exchanges, but still took wickets readily enough to defend a target of 28 from the final 3 overs. Still 3 wickets intact, the ask proved too much for the hosts against more seasoned internationals.

New Zealand Under-19 252/8 (50 overs)
Cricket Web Under-19 243 ao (50 overs)

New Zealand Under-19 won by 9 runs.
Man of the Match: TG Southee



Cricketer Of The Year
A disappointing loss, it sucks to fall short like that. Encouraging signs though, the team is firing reasonably well - Mike, Callum and Jack bowling well, batting was disappointing though apart from the 2 half-centuries.


International Vice-Captain
Disapointing loss as Rob said just couldnt quite get the batting to work hopefully we can bounce back next game. well batted Rob and well bowled Thommo and pretty much all the bowlers they were pretty good.


International Regular
Close game, but not so enjoyable to be on the losing side of things.

Well batted to Jasotharan and Dauth, well bowled mainly to Wilson and Thompson, with support from Scott (!) and McNamara to slow down the middle.

Improvements can obviously be made, but all in all, with the first game as a unit together, well done lads. Even if the scorecard read a loss.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Not a bad effort considering it was our first ever game, boys. Pity about the loss, but it was a close game. Callum, Mike and Jack all bowled nicely, and Scott's 10 were at a good economy. Pretty disappointed personally there with my effort there, though. On the batting side of things, Dauth turned it on as expected, while Jasorathan was great. We'll get them next time.


Global Moderator
Reasonably encouraging I think. Disappointing to lose, but hopefully the pace bowlers can put the squeeze on early next game. They came back well though, and we probably just needed one more batsman after Jaso and Rob to get us home.

EDIT: Sorry too, Liam, about the lack of instructions. I've had internet problems, as well as some guests to entertain, so I've been a bit slack. I'll fix it for the 2nd ODI.


Cricketer Of The Year
unlucky lads! just get back in the game now, and win it for us !
I know you guys got it in your blood, to rule U19 world!