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NZ U-19's in CWLand

Loony BoB

International Captain
After some in depth discussion between New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and Cricket Web Under-19 Board, both parties have decided to move the Under 19 Series between the two nations to CWLand. This has been done in an attempt to reduce the impact the series may have on the Development League Clubs of Cricket Web. The new schedule for the series follows as:

21st - Squads Announced
23rd - 1st YODI @ CW Oval
24th - 2nd YODI @ PDV Dome
25th - 3rd YODI @ CWBCC Stadium
27th - 1st 'Youth Test' @ Goffmouth Park
29th - 2nd 'Youth Test' @ Pickford Reserve

The significant changes to this series are:
• There will be two separate squads of 12 or 13 for either form, where the 12th and 13th man will be released to play domestic cricket. Meaning only 11 players will be unavailable from each squad on any particular day.
• The maximum number of matches that any player will miss with the new schedule is three games.
• Also Goffmouth and Pickford host their first ever ‘internationals’

For reference, here is the original first post / schedule...
The inaugural CricketWeb XI U-19 tour has been scheduled to take place in New Zealand from the 14th-20th of March. The tour will consist of three one day games and two five day matches against the NZ U-19 squad and will involve an as yet unconfirmed fifteen players. The one squad will be used for both forms of the game and will be named on the 11th March.

Tour Schedule

11th March - Squad Announced
14th March - OD - Queenstown (Queenstown Events Center)
15th March - OD - Christchurch (Jade Stadium)
16th March - OD - Napier (McLean Park)
18th March - 5Day - Wellington (Basin Reserve)
20th March - 5Day - Auckland (Eden Park)
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Cricketer Of The Year
Looking forward to this series... Will be very good to see how the future of our countries cricketers are coming along...

Good Luck to all involved....

The Baconator

International Vice-Captain
Nice to see this whole U-19 thing moving along oretty quickly, hopefully I should make the dquad for one-dayers.


International Regular
U/19 Squad Announced!

CricketWeb U/19 Squad of New Zealand Announced

In a press conference today, the U/19 selectors, Tharmi Loganathan, Daniel Towns and Travis Demeza announced to the cricketing world who the inaugural Cricket Web under 19 squad were.

"There were many, many hard choices. Some made it, some didn't. It's as simple as that." Demeza was quoted in saying as he finished listening to the official naming of the squad.

He continued "There may be some suprises, but Dan, Tharmi and myself have talked for many hours over the squad, and believe our decisions have been the correct ones [decisions]."

When asked how he thought the team would handle, Tharmi Loganathan replied "I'm really looking forward to see how the three rookies perform on a greater stage. They should do the Cricket Web system proud."

The 15 man touring squad is as follows :


T Mamesh (k) [red]
RGEWS Cribb [blue]
DP Smith [black]
RJ Dauth [red]
NG Scott [green]
JE Stedman [red]
S Jasotharan (k) [colts]
A Crampton (k) [blue]


MW Wilson (vc) [black]
CP Thompson [black]
BC Cunningham [green]
NR Hancock [colts]


HG Warwick [black]
JP McNamara (c) [colts]
GM Thomas [colts]

The selection panel would like to specifically congratulate Jack McNamara for being named Captain, and Mike Wilson for being named vice-captain.


International Vice-Captain
wow im honoured to have the role as vice captain, hopefully we have a succesful tour! congrats to all that made the squad and Jack for being named captain.
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Loony BoB

International Captain
steds said:
And how come the captaincy is given to someone who doesn't even play regularly for Colts?
He's selected regularly for the Colts, never missed an OD in his career. He's selected as captain as he has experience in such a role for the Colts side as well as for the Colts selection panel and is great with encouraging morale within a squad and with individuals, even when they are not performing.

I'd like to congratulate all the players who have made this squad and wish them all the best on their tour to New Zealand.
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