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New song

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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Bored at work so came up with this to the tune of We 3 Kings.

We three cheats from Australia
We got caught using sandpaper
Crocodile tears
Banned for a year
Should have been much longer.

Oh cheating Aussies, cheating scum
Tried to hide it up his bum
If it wasn't for TV they'd still be cheating
Sandpapering for fun.

Apologies to any snowflakes offended.


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I believe OP's post is in breach of the forum rules. disappointing to say the least.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I think flibberty is only messing with us JB, and as we've got to the stage where Warner can have a laugh with the Edgbaston crowd about it all we'll soon just have the hardcore Farageites giving out the nonsense, and everybody knows they're morons/buffoons/****wits etc

Does make me wonder what fj does for a living though - cant imagine that the best use is being made of his talents


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FJ properly embarrassing himself and it’s only day four of the series. It’s a marathon, not a sprint mate. The greats of CW take a decade to really embarrass themselves.


Not Terrible
FFS sort out the syllable count first. The stressed syllables in particular are atrocious.


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Excellent effort, though. Just tried singing along to it. Works well.
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