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*NEW GAME LMS, starting March 26th* (English Football)


& then there were three.


Uppercut: Doncaster 1 vs Portsmouth 1


C96: Cardiff 2 to beat Sheffield Wednesday 0
grecian: Man u 1 reading 0
Eds: Man Utd 1 vs Reading 0

Teams Used (to win in bold; to lose in Italics):

C96: Port Vale, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Cardiff City; Torquay United, Arsenal, Barnsley, Sheffield Wednesday

grecian: Burton Albion, Cheltenham Town, Manchester City, Manchester United; Exeter City, Wimbledon, Barnsley, Reading

Eds: Northampton Town, Brighton & Hove Albion, Manchester City, Manchester United; Plymouth Argyle, Huddersfield Town, Barnsley, Reading

BBC Fixtures for our triffic trio. Games played 23rd-25th March only, please.


Global Moderator
Gee, slim pickings in this round with the internatoinal weekend and the snow.

Anyway, will go with Gillingham to beat Accrington


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Oh ****, I've rather ****ed this up.

Umm, Tranmere v stevenage please, even though I doubt the match will be on because it's in the frozen north, and Tranmere are crap.


It's the last waltz then.


C96: Cheltenham 0 v Barnet 0


grecian: Tranmere 3 v stevenage 1
Eds: Gillingham 1 vs Accrington Stanley 0

Teams Used (to win in bold; to lose in Italics):

grecian: Burton Albion, Cheltenham Town, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tranmere Rovers; Exeter City, Wimbledon, Barnsley, Reading, Stevenage

Eds: Northampton Town, Brighton & Hove Albion, Manchester City, Manchester United, Gillingham; Plymouth Argyle, Huddersfield Town, Barnsley, Reading, Accrington Stanley

BBC Fixtures for the dynamic duo. Games played 29th March-1st April only, please.


We have our winner, gentlemen.

Grecian goes one step further than he did last time out and nabs a fifth outright title, almost exactly two years since he earned a fourth; hearty congrats to him. :cool:

Hardlines to Eds, who fought a good, clean campaign and must be one of the best LMSers out there never to have secured a garland so far.


Eds: Swindon 1 vs Oldham 0

The Last Man Standing:

grecian: Northampton 1 v Torquay 0

The Honour Roll:

Halsey 25/02-28/03/05
Cloete 01/04-18/04/05
Halsey 12/01-12/02/07
Brumby 23/02-26/03/07
Brumby, marc & Matteh (tied) 30/03-07/05/07
Brumby 10/08-17/09/07
Jamee 21/09-22/10/07
headhunter 26/10-26/11/07
Vimes 30/11-30/12/07
Halsey 05/01-04/02/08

grecian 08/02-24/03/08
altoz 28/03-05/05/08
Agent TBY & headhunter (tied) 08/08-25/08/08
pasag 30/08-26/10/08
Matteh 01/11-01/12/08
roseboy 06/12-26/12/08
Simon 02/01-09/02/09
GIMH 14/02-23/03/09
fertang, SKD & Vimes (tied) 27/03-27/04/09

grecian 02/05-30/05/09
biased indian 07/08-07/09/09
biased indian 11/09-05/10/09
biased indian 09/10-23/11/09

grecian 28/11-21/12/2009
fertang 26/12/09-11/01/10
ripper 16/1-08/03/10
fertang & Somerset (tied) 12/3-19/4/10
Brumby 24/04-22/05/10
Marcuss & Somerset (tied) 6/8-6/9/10
Pickup 11/9-27/9/10
Pickup 02/10-18/10/10
fatt 22/10-15/11/10
fertang 20/11-20/12/10
Brumby 26/12/10-31/01/11
sledger 04/02-14/03/11

grecian 18/03-04/04/11
biased indian & ripper (tied) 08/04-16/05/11
Brumby & Vimes (tied) 05/08-26/09/11
GingerFurball 30/9-10/10/11
biased indian 14/10-07/11/11
Somerset 11/11-19/12/11
Brumby 20/12/11-23/01/12
biased indian 27/01-05/03/11
biased indian 09/03-16/04/12
Johnners 20/04-27/05/12
Somerset 10/08-20/08/12
marc 24/08-10/09/12
Brumby 14/09-22/10/12
Marcuss & Uppercut (tied) 26/10-10/12/12
Brumby & fertang (tied) 15/12/12-13/01/13
fatt 18/01-18/02/13

grecian 22/02-01/04/13
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New Round for 5th April!!!

So, as always, all us unworthy slobs get another crack at the big time. :cool:

It'll almost certainly be the last running for 2012/13, so don't miss out.

BBC Fixtures as 'twas ever thus.

Games played 5th-8th April only, please. All welcome. Join in and all that. Don't be a wuss.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I've been pretty embarrassingly bad at this for a while now, so nice to pick up a win.

Fleetwood v Rochdale please