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Most active/popular WC threads


Global Moderator
So I decided to make this completely inconsequential thread for fun. :cool:

Below are the top 5 most replied-to threads in the WC subforum. Interestingly, India features prominently in 3 of the 5. Of course, this doesn't necessarily reflect true interest in the matches as there are mitigating factors that we must take into effect. For example, time zones for Australian posters. Also, many active posters choose not to post when their team's match was actually going on. Regardless, just for fun:

1. 'Official' Semi Final 2 - Pakistan v India. 1,541 replies.

2. *Official* Quarter Final 2 - India v Australia. 1,527 replies.

3. *Official* Match 11 - India v England. 1,404 replies.

4. 'World Cup 2011' Draft. 1,199 replies.

5. *Official* Semi Final 1 - Sri Lanka vs New Zealand. 1,174 replies.


The Tiger King
LOL @ World Cup Draft being high in the list. I blame smalishah and Blaze.
haha.......dude but you must also give us credit for going to number 4 whereas we were languishing at the bottom of the table for the first 3 quarters of the world cup :p