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Men's football competition


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SBS have 18 live matches once the olympics officially kick off, i think Seven have said SBS arent allowed to show and olympic coverage till after the opening ceremony, then they have 14 hours a day i believe.....

ash chaulk

International Captain
um i just saw IRAQ beat Portugal 4-2

was ronaldo playing????

Good ole Bernd Stange its all his efforts that made Iraq an ok team well lets say world beaters there


Eyes not spreadsheets
Craig said:
So then why have been/are they linked with him?
Paper talk means nothing.

Some of the links are outrageous.

He wouldn't go to Villa because a) they don't need him, and b) O'Leary has to manage his money wisely.


World Traveller
marc71178 said:
b) O'Leary has to manage his money wisely.
After what happen at Leeds when he and the board threw around money like there was no tomorrow, I'm sure he has learnt his lesson.


Eyes not spreadsheets
A completely different scenario - the money in that time was far more than now.

Also, he did recoup a lot of cash.


International Debutant
The guy who was the Boss then also had a HUGE hand in the amount of money spent on bringing in new payers...damn tool :@


World Traveller
Go Iraq.

This will truely be a remarkable feat if they can end up with a medal especially with their country being bombed out.


World Traveller
Australia lost to Iraq.

Italy v Argentina and Iraq v Paraguay.

So a medal for a South American team either way.