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Is Andrew Symonds the best fielder we've ever seen?

Is Symonds the best fielder we've ever seen?

  • Yes

  • Definitely

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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Always thought he was as a kid. Ponting was more well-rounded being a great slip fielder though. Rhodes did some pretty crazy stuff too.

But if I had to pick one guy to field at cover or midwicket it would be Symonds.

Line and Length

International Captain
For me, Jonty Rhodes was ahead of Symonds. Both were excellent fieldsmen but Rhodes has the edge when it comes to run outs with direct hits.

How can we enter a poll that only has two positives - "Yes" and "Definitely"?


State Captain
Colin Bland (SA), Allan Border (Aus), Derek Randall (Eng) , Colin Cowdrey (Eng) are just 4 who are better than Symonds. Given time i could come up with a lot more.


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Too big, too slow, someone smaller and more agile like mominul probably better


Global Moderator
I wouldn't have even had him as the best fielder in his own team at any point in his career.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Ponting was fantastic. Australia just had a **** load of insanely good fielders didn't they? Clarke goes under the radar but he was awesome too.


Global Moderator

Symonds a bit below those 3
I was actually thinking about Jadeja when wondering who of the current lot would make the list of truly ATG LO fielders. He definitely stands out in the current crowd IMO. Maybe ABdV at his peak was comparable, but he was more a catching specialist than the ground fielder that Jadeja is.