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How do you rate Parthiv patel ?


International Debutant
IMO, India's wicketkeeping problem is no more.

Parthiv's the man for sure.
I thought his keeping has been fairly good this tour -- he missed a couple of stumping chances off the spinners -- an area he needs to work on -- but overall pretty bloody good.

I also believe Parthiv has tremendous batting talent -- I only hope he does justice to this.
The 45 off 40 balls in the current test was laced with some superb shots, notably a delectable cover drive off Jason Gillespie.
I saw the 49* that he made at Hobart against a strong Australia A pace attack on a seaming wicket -- some very good shots in that -- he's got good technique and possess a wide range of shots (including the pull which is not common amongst yound Indian batsmen).
He also chipped in with some cameos at Melbourne and Adelaide.

More consistency needs to de developed but I feel in 3 years time, he's gonna add further strength to that Indian batting lineup.


State Captain
Personally, I felt they made a mistake selecting him for the world cup and other important tournaments. He's just a kid.

But if they stick with him, and develop him, and he responds appropriately, perhaps, we could have the next good wicketkeeper-batsman in the area. :P


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Patel sucks in his keeping to say the least. He is nothing special and a Ratra, Dahiya or even Dighe if not Mongia r better choices. And yeah. Dasgupta sucks even more.


U19 Cricketer
hes definetaly their long term solution for keeper.

tenacious young guy, whos probably not quite ready yet, but as good a choiec as any.

V Reddy

International Debutant
Pratyush said:
Patel sucks in his keeping to say the least. He is nothing special and a Ratra, Dahiya or even Dighe if not Mongia r better choices. And yeah. Dasgupta sucks even more.
IMO Ratra and Dighe are just not good enough. They got their chances and didn't make the most of it. I think Dasgupta was treated shabbily. Sure he was horrible with the gloves but he deserved his place in the side as an opener especially looking at the quality of openers we had at that time. Dasgupta has improved his keeping now and so i think he should always be in and around the squad as he is a good batsman. Dahiya i think is more suited to the onedayers but i don't think he will be picked now. He was another i thought was improperly treated. Mongia was dropped b'coz of attitude problems as stated by Ganguly on The Cricket Show on Espn and so i don't fault his dropping.

Yeah Patel's keeping has detiorated in the last few months. But he is worth persisting as he has showed he is a talented batsman as well.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Pratyush said:
Patel sucks in his keeping to say the least. He is nothing special and a Ratra, Dahiya or even Dighe if not Mongia r better choices. And yeah. Dasgupta sucks even more.
If he sucks as a keeper he would never have played for India as yet as his batting was not up to the level of some of those that you've mentioned.

For me, he's a very good keeper.


State Captain
I was just sad that he had to replace Mongia, who I thought was an excellent keeper-batsman. He may not have been a Gilchrist, but he could bat in a tight situation.

Either way, I agree with Eddie, I think he'll grow into the role.


Parthiv seems awfully mediocre.. I know he is young, but so what? Surely there must be better keeper batsmen in India, not to mention Nayan Mongia...


State Captain
Langeveldt said:
Parthiv seems awfully mediocre.. I know he is young, but so what? Surely there must be better keeper batsmen in India, not to mention Nayan Mongia...
That's who I am thinking of too, but for some reason he just doesn't play anymore. :(

I wonder if he'll ever play again, though.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
There have been a lot of users stating about Parthiv Patel being a good choice. Let me defend my blatant statement of why I think he 'sucks'.

I dont know how many of you have seen him perform in the series vs New Zealand in India. He missed several chances and was the worst I have seen any one perform on Indian pitches. Him being young doesnt mean he gets a place in the Indian national squad for me. His batting looks okay but his keeping is not good for me.

As far as Ratra goes, he doesnt have a good test average yet but at 21-22, he too is young. So if some one says Patel should get a chance, the same logic can go for Ratra.

Dighe I think got very unfairly treated by the selectors. He was a very good batsman and has had some good knocks playing domestic cricket in a highly competitive Mumbai Ranji Trophy team for over 10 years now. He should have been looked into the team along with Mongia itself very early on. However, by playing that crucial knock in the third test in the historic India-Australia series (in a pressure situation), he showed why he should have been in the team much before the likes of a Vijay Yadav when he was selected in 1993-94. This ofcourse is going back a lot in history which just shows how much Dighe missed.

While Mongia was no doubt an excellent keeper, he didnt really provide solid batting performances for India over the years when he did play. This is where I would rank Dighe even higher over Mongia. Mongia had soem attitude problems which was revealed by Ganguly in the ESPN cricket show which I too saw but I wuold have liked Dighe get more chances.

As far as the current keepers is concerned, easily Dasgupta should not be there as a keeper and neither should Patel. They are good/average/acceptable batsmen but even Patel's keeping is suspect from all I have seen of his short career till now. He may turn out good later on but not right now.

I would have had Dighe play for 2-3 more years from 2000 when he played that crucial knock and then give some one younger a chance. I must say, Karim too was unlucky in being blinded when he got a chance so late in his test career in Dhaka by the Kumble bowl. He ofcourse had no one to blame as he did not wear a helmet but thats another matter.


Hall of Fame Member
for me he is fantastic, hes only 18, very handy bat, and reasonable with the gloves, they will both get better - he also has alot of enthusiasm, i watched him in the field during the Aust A game (when he wasn't keeping) and he still put in.

he will grow and develop both physically and in his game, and he can certainly play spin ok :)

you must also remember that by the time this guy retires he could have played well over 200 tests. thats a long term solution, and i think he will be good enough.

definatley looks the goods for mine as well


International 12th Man
to be honest,when i saw parthiv play against NZ,batting and keeping, i thought the indian selectors were mad...i had no idea why they picked him,and thought he was gonna b dropped! but against australia,i've seen some good things about him

firstly,his batting has potential...not to be a brilliant batsman or nething...but a very handy player down the order...his keeping needs a lot of work though,but in the final test so far his keeping has looked good...he's also looked alot more relaxed after his half century

I think it would b a good idea to play parthiv as a reserve keeper for a few overseas tours...and let him mature for another 2 years in the indian domestic league...

India have a few other options for that time...but i'd b going with deep dasgupta...He's probably the best batsman out of the lot,and his keeping has improved heaps...


International Captain
Parthiv Patel is a long term solution, but not the immediate solution.

He needs to play more first class cricket... but apart from his batting... he has looked very mediocre... and quality only in patches.

He needs to be nurtured at the domestic circuit first.

The immediate solution is... not ratra, not dighe, not dasgupta... but the one and only - the best WK in india - Nayan Mongia.

He is awesome with the gloves, and a decent bat.

But... just an inside rumor story... Ganguly is pushing him down... Seriously, not kidding...


Hall of Fame Member
kept pretty well today i thought, missed Katch stupming but that was harder than it looked at first, bounced alot - apart from that i thought he did well, hes gradually getting more confidence behind the stumps which will help alot too


Virat Kohli (c)
Wow, some have had harsh words for the young guy. I admit him being young isn't an excuse for his missed, but you know what, Ian Healy went through the same misses and mistakes and he turned out to be one of the greatest keepers of the past 30 years. Patel is a great find. He's hungry, a competitor and can bat as he has proven in Sydney.

You have to look past the missed stumpings to realise how valuable he is, and will be for the Indian Cricket Team. I know the commentators have given many compliments to him on this tour, and this is just the beginning.

Not to mention he waved at me at the Boxing Day Test but that's besides the point :saint:


International 12th Man
In my opinion India have succeeded where England failed. England picked James Foster a couple of years back when they should have recalled Chris Read. BUt they went with Foster (and for the wrong reasons). Foster got the nod because he was young and because he had a bit of potential with the bat (in keeping terms). Instead of trying to find the next Alec Stewart when there wasn't really one there, we should have picked a solid keeper who has acceptable batting and enough experience (ie Read).

Fortunately (but belatedly) he is back in the team now, though maybe only because Foster got injured!

Anyway India have got it right - they found a young but solid keeper who will improve and contribute with the bat. I saw Patel get his 60 the other day and was impressed with some of his shots. He scored quickly as well to accelerate towards a declaration. In all fairness the bowling wasn't great but half of batting is punishing poor bowling. I think Patel will become a very valuable member of the team for many years and it's great news for India because wk is a key position and to have long term stability there is a real bonus.