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  • Hi Hourn,
    recently I have came across one of the post where you'd answered about the grade cricket in Australia and comparing it with ECB.
    I figured that you may be the right person to clear my doubts, and it would be greatly appreciated.

    So, I currently play in the provincial team of Canada - Quebec. I'm in the leading run scorers.
    I'm 24 years old - right handed top order batsman.
    Cricket in Canada is weak and dead particularly in the winter, so in the meantime I'm thinking to come to Australia and enhance my skills by playing professional cricket before December.

    Most probably I'm thinking to travel to Sydney.
    Which level do you think I should play in? - I'm currently thinking to join grade 4 or 5 ( If I can )
    Is it very difficult to find a club that can enroll me in grade 4 or 5?

    Can you name me few clubs to whom I should contact?
    Here is my facebook profile : www dot facebook dot com/pjyankee

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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