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Hashim Amla retires from international cricket


International Coach
What a player. What a person. Good luck with your future. The Mighty #

That back-foot punch was dreamy :wub:


Hashim Amla's statement:

Firstly, all Glory and thanks to the Almighty for granting me this Proteas journey which has been nothing but a joy and privilege. I learnt many lessons during this incredible ride, made many friends and most importantly shared in the love of a brotherhood called #proteafire.

I would like to thank my parents for their prayers, love and support, it is their shadow over me that enabled me to play for years under the Protea sun.

Also, My family, friends and agent, my team mates and every member of the support staff throughout this incredible journey. A heartfelt thank you to every one of you!

The fans for energizing me when times were tough, and for celebrating with me when we succeeded together. Siyabonga South Africa!

And, of course, a very special thanks to the President and the Board at Cricket South Africa - not forgetting the Chief Executive, Thabang Moroe, and his administrative team. I really appreciate all the opportunities and am truly grateful.

Love and peace.

- Hashim
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Great player with an outstanding peak between 2008 and 2013. Instrumental in SA winning twice in Australia and England and coming within a whisker of winning in India. So his impact was more than his final average will portray.


International Coach
My favourite player of the last 10+ years. Thank you for all your endeavours and the great times they brought. Will miss the great man.


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Two of my favourite foreign players retiring within a week. Sad stuff.

Quality player. 2008-2012 he was stupidly good. Absolutely vital for their stretch of great overseas success.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Hopefully a Kolpak contract beckons, but he'd best get in before 31/10, or the 'hostile environment' will be back


Hall of Fame Member
Epic multi format player. One of the most aesthetically pleasing yet terrifying batsmen at his best.


International Debutant
Absolutely sublime player in his prime, his extended decline was a shame - an overall average of 46-47 undersells him imo and it seemed, like it does with many top batsmen like he was hanging on longer than he might due to lack a of convincing replacements.

Gun bowler too:



I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Absolute beast at his peak. Always felt he was the biggest hurdle to get past when playing against SA for a period. Once he was gone you'd breathe a sigh of relief, even if it was after a gloriously beautiful century (or more). Well done lad.


State Regular
The 300, the epic 190-odd against Aus where he was batting in one day mode and those daddy hundreds India. Man, there are so many Amla moments. Just a great role model and example in the sport. Gonna miss the Mighty#.


Hall of Fame Member
That South African side really struck fear into you, owing largely to Steyn, Amla and De Villiers. All gone now. :huh:
Amla still remains the batsman I most enjoy copying. Those supple wrists had a grace about them you normally associate with subcontinental players. Explains why he was so good against spin.


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Great player and terrific ambassador/ role model. He’ll be missed.

What a shocking week for SA.

thierry henry

International Captain
Is it something of an anomaly that a batsman who in many ways seemed "old school" was ultimately a very good test player but an ATG ODI player who scored his runs quite quickly? Or does it make perfect sense and I just don't get it?


International Debutant
He was a greater test bat than an ODI bat for me. He did exceptional things in test cricket, but couldn't emulate that sort of performance in ODIs.