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Group A - Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

Who will qualify from the group?

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Cricket Web Owner
21 November 2022
Qatar v Ecuador

21 November 2022
Senegal v Netherlands

25 November 2022
Qatar v Senegal

25 November 2022
Netherlands v Ecuador

29 November 2022
Netherlands v Qatar

29 November 2022
Ecuador v Senegal


Offside? WTF?

The budget did extend to officialdom though.

We're used to VAR being shyte, but that's a shocker.



A pen for Ecuador wasn't in the script.

Keeper probably could've seen red; beautiful tap tackle more fitting at Twickenham.

Qatar look well organised, but, er, limited. Decent on the ball, but too ploppy in defence just to sit deep and hit on the counter.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
It’s difficult to judge too early, but on the evidence so it would take a very creative script writer for Qatar to avoid a hiding.


State 12th Man
Qatar look like Sunday League trash
Yeah, they've been genuinely bad. Definitely worse than they were in other games I've seen them play. Not really connecting with any passes over 10 yards at the moment. Normally I'd expect to see them breaking the game up more with little fouls and winning fouls themselves, but there's not been much of that either.


International Coach
I know AFC is not the highest standard of football but they did win the Asian Championship quite comprehensively.

I think nerves have had the better of this side.


Looking at the last AFC cup yer Qataris actually defeated Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan.

Based on this display one wonders how. Look less effective than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.


Yeah, that was, not good.

In a group that could well come down to goal difference I wonder if Ecuador will regret not applying more of the boot to the throat.