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Great performances by injured players


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I don't think Cowdrey actually faced a ball when coming out with a broken arm against WI in 1963. iirc the bloke at the other end blocked the final couple of deliveries to save the game.

Not injured as such, but Eddie Paynter famously came from his hospital bed to bat brilliantly and, I think, set up a win in the Bodyline series.
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International Captain
Tendulkar 136 vs Pak. Had severe back spasms for the second half of it.

VVS vs Australia at Mohali too, but it was with a runner so meh not that impressive for the purpose of this thread.
I think he faked his injury like big Vern in Adelaide so there is an excuse when he inevitably fail to win another game for india the hobbit

In totally unrelated note, what is CWs stance on drunk posting


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Sanath batted at 6 with a dislocated shoulder when we were running out of batsmen and pretty much won the game with his knock.



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Bert Sutcliffe batting with a head injury with Bob Blair (who'd just found out his fiancee had died in the Tangiwai Disaster) against a dangerous Neil Adcock in the 1950s. NZ still lost the game, but Sutcliffe ended with 80 not out.

Came in to post this one. Amazing fortitude from both guys