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Future of Cricket, suggestion to the ICC

Do you agree?

  • Yes with all of it.

    Votes: 19 35.2%
  • Yes with most of it.

    Votes: 13 24.1%
  • Yes with some of it.

    Votes: 12 22.2%
  • No, I don't agree with any of the ideas.

    Votes: 10 18.5%

  • Total voters


Cricket Spectator
And? Its irrelevant, they have to prove a challenge consistently. Not saying they have to win all the time, but the full member countries have to be challenged. And no, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, though officially full member countries, really aren't.
Once a test status is given we shud respect it. ICC gave test status after really gagging on all issues for a long time


International Vice-Captain
The problem remains the same, a match up like England v Nepal would not pull any crowds what so ever. As long as there is no quality cricket i don't think crowds come in to watch...

For any format, a good pitch with a first choice quality teams playing is the fundamental problem that all formats face right now. Even in T20, a low scoring game on a pitch where the ball is dancing around too much is not pleasing to watch.

I don't think any of the suggestions above will improve or solve this basic problem.

I think ICC needs to put in some measures where countries are penalized for making bad pitches...or any sub par standards...thats the real issue as far as i see it...the rest is all gravy you can put in the stats system for T20, increase the number of teams in WC, make it knockout etc etc....but if the problem of quality pitches and good cricketers is not solved, nothing is solved.
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U19 Captain
NFL was created to keep the sport in the US, Americans could care less if the game spreads to other countries. Also NFL is extremely profitable their last known revenue (not income but profits) was $6 billion in 2006. Currently there are 19 NFL franchise worth at least $1 billion, so you can't compared IPL and NFL since these two have different history with NFL primarily an American sport and part of its culture.
Presently no. But over time if the same attitude of ICC continues, then surely it can. See the state of NZ. Zim had a downfall. Same with West Indies. Pak are going through hard times. So now Indians enjoy series against Aus, Eng, SA. Now in another nations falls, then Indian fans would be bored to see series against AUs and ENg and other would be of no use. So what options will BCCI have. Have 20 IPL teams and have matches through out the year.
Presently India is a growing economy. The teams each of them are evaluated around 200 M $ each. Over 10 years with economy growing the evaluation will also increase.
IPL has the threat to replace the world cricket order


Hall of Fame Member
According to Swann, we should scrap ODI's.

Poll: is England spinner Graeme Swann right, should one-day internationals be scrapped? - Telegraph

However it does sound like sour grapes coming from Swann.
An English player wanting ODI's to be scrapped? Hardly a surprise.:p

I understand where he is coming from because one format has to go and it can't be Test (obvious reason) or T20I's because it makes the most money and is exciting (despite what most people here think).
Actually the ODI's probably make the most money internationally and especially for the ICC with the World Cup/Champions trophy. Most of the big money in T20 is limited to the domestic leagues (and in that too most with the IPL).

Why should one format have to go?

Enough space for all 3.

Agent Nationaux

International Coach
I think there is too much cricket being played. Plus these 5 ODI series are useless. Play 3 ODI's instead and slot in an extra test match.


International Regular
According to Richie Benaud, ODIs are the most watched form of cricket(?)

Or is that just in Australia? I only hear it from the Australian comms box.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
According to Richie Benaud, ODIs are the most watched form of cricket(?)

Or is that just in Australia? I only hear it from the Australian comms box.
Pretty sure he's talking world-wide.

In Australia in particular, although I have nfi about TV ratings, the OD atmosphere seems a lot more lethargic in contrast to tests and T20's.