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From The Pavillion


Not Terrible
16 years old - Phillip Allen
25,571 rating
RH Bat
Captaincy - Capable Experience - Poor
Batting - poor Endurance - dreadful
Bowling - average Technique - ordinary
Keeping - average Power - ordinary
Fielding - average

This is the best pull I've got so far, what should I do with him? Train him? Sell him?


International Regular
Gifted Bowling
Youth Academy pretty dire only started funding it last season.
Well, either way would be good for him, keep him and you will have a decent club player in a few seasons, or sell him and have the money to buy a decent player now.


Not Terrible
Might keep him as I'll be losing my last youth prodigy at the end of this season so this bloke can carry my youth team in the next few seasons.

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
This week pulled one of the worst youth's, fired him with no second thought!
I pulled two in a row with a rating of 9000, just after my academy improved :sleep:

Am trying to get through this season without any more purchases, so my youth team will just have to battle on. They've started with 2 wins, but the batting line-up is a little fragile and I'm probably a bowler short to really challenge.
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U19 Cricketer
I just joined yesterday, read the guide today, figured out how to work some areas, then continues to have my brain blown by this games complexity (but it's what makes it brilliant), then preceded to win my opening match (while I was owner at least).

Username: Spudsy2061
Team: Philadelphia Strikers
Country: England (With US Based Players)
ODI League: 7.58
T20 League: 7.41
Youth ODI League: 6.13

Son Of Coco

Hall of Fame Member
Am playing in the 3rd round of the cup today. Will lose, but this is the first time I've made it past the first round. have started off with 2 wickets in the first 10 overs, but he's also hitting a lot of boundaries. He's ranked 1000 places higher in the world than I am, so it's to be expected. :happy:


Not Terrible
Got this bloke from the academy, trying to sell him for a few hundred k

16 years old | 25,597 rating | $1,154 wage

Right hand batsman | Right arm Medium
Talents Boundary Hitter, Gifted (Endurance)
Nationality New Zealand New Zealand
Form average
Fatigue energetic
Experience poor
Captaincy reliable
Batting reasonable Endurance poor
Bowling poor Technique ordinary
Keeping ordinary Power ordinary
Fielding average


Cricketer Of The Year
Just joined the Austerity measures brigade. No youth or senior academy investments till the prize money comes to town :cry:


International Regular
Finished my first season top of my SOD division (5), top of my T20 division (6) and second in my Youth one (5). Got 242k or something in prizemoney which was nice. Hopefully I get more of a challenge in the next season.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Won Youth 3.2 which was a nice surprise. 3rd in T20 3.3 and 6th in SOD 2.1. My team is **** as and I think it's time I retired or sold quite a few players.


International Regular
First pull of the season and I get this guy:

Chewie CC >> Tristan Dekkers >> Details
Player Info
16 years old | 27,764 rating | $1,243 wage
Right hand batsman | Left arm Fast medium
Talents Accumulator
Nationality Netherlands
Form average
Fatigue energetic
Experience poor
Captaincy ordinary

Batting reasonable Endurance ordinary
Bowling ordinary Technique average
Keeping poor Power average
Fielding average
Am I the man or what?