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From The Pavillion


International Regular
Yea true. Could help a lot. But I think I'll keep him :)

Gonna train him as a batsman, but bowl him in the youth side because I have crap bowlers.


International Regular
One hour left in the auction and he's at 1.34mil :D Ayatollah of Rockenrollah's bid on him. Nice to see I've got the attention of some of the best FTP teams :)


Hall of Fame Member
Got this guy up for sale. Was a great week 1 pull, but not really what I needed. Currently at $250k. Should make an excellent keeper-bat.

Robert Brewer >> Details
Player Info
16 years old | 28,942 rating | $1,007 wage

Right hand batsman | Right arm Fast medium

Talents Gifted (Keeping)
Nationality Canada
Form reasonable
Fatigue revived
Experience dreadful
Captaincy reasonable

Batting average Endurance average
Bowling poor Technique ordinary
Keeping ordinary Power average
Fielding average


International Regular
I'm through to round 3 of the Pavilion Cup in my first time in the competition! :)

Just knocked the 209 seed out (he was playing his youth side)


International Regular
Match Details
Home Bigglesthwaite CC
Away Zero Pillars and Hero Fillers
Ground Bigglesthwaite CC CG
League Elite
Date 25 Aug 11 10:00
Crowd 2,607
Weather Overcast
Pitch Uneven

10th vs 7th in the world.

End of over 10 (1 run) - Bigglesthwaite CC(19-6). 149 runs required from 40 overs. RR 1.90 RRR 3.72
S. Nolan 0 (5b) , R. Davies 5 (14b) , P. Qayyum 5-0-13-2


(Had to brag somewhere, banned from the FTP forums...)


Probs should have kept my mouth shut:

End of over 22 (1 run) - Bigglesthwaite CC(67-6). 101 runs required from 28 overs. RR 3.05 RRR 3.61
R. Davies 32 (51b) , S. Nolan 19 (40b) , E. Van Swayla 1-0-1-0
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