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Draft suggestion: Never met


International Vice-Captain
Glenn McGrath (b 1970)
Wally Hammond (d 1965)
Adam Gilchrist (b 1971)
Frank Worrell (d 1967)
Waqar Younis (b 1971)
Hugh Trumble (d 1938)
Mike Procter (b 1946)
Archie Jackson (d 1933)
Graeme Pollock (b 1944)
Tom Hayward (d 1939)
Ricky Ponting (b 1974)
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International Vice-Captain
In batting order:
Archie Jackson
Tom Hayward
Ricky Ponting
Graeme Pollock
Wally Hammond
Frank Worrell
Adam Gilchrist
Mike Procter
Hugh Trumble
Waqar Younis
Glenn McGrath

8 ATGs plus 3 good role players. Couldn't ask for much more really
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Hall of Fame Member
Warren Bardsley
Bill Woodfull
Brian Lara
Jacques Kallis
Stan McCabe
Allan Border*
Ian Botham
Dick Lilley+
Muttiah Muralitharan
Sydney Barnes
Allan Donald

Think this one turned out pretty well.


International Coach
Matthew Hayden (b 1971)

CricZo XI

Gordon Greenidge /
Matthew Hayden /
Greg Chappell /
Ranjitsinhji /
Gary Sobers / o
Warwick Armstrong / o
Jock Cameron + /
Hedley Verity o /
Michael Holding o
Charlie Turner o
Joel Garner o

I am glad to have a cracking of an opening pair in Greenidge & Hayden. Chappell, Ranji, Sobers & Armstrong makes one of the most formiddable middle order.

Jock Cameron was a fine fine gloveman and was very fine batsman as well.

Pretty pumped to have a fiery duo of Garner & Holding bowling for my team. They are backed by terror Turner, Verity, Sobers & Armstrong.
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International Regular
Everton Weekes.

Final XI:
Jack Hobbs
Barry Richards
Clem Hill
Everton Weekes
Tip Foster
AB de Villiers+
Stanley Jackson*
Albert Trott
Wasim Akram
Shane Warne
Dennis Lillee


State Vice-Captain
Imran Khan (born 5 October 1952)
Victor Trumper (died 28 June 1915)
Len Hutton (born 23 June 1916)
Pat Cummins (born 8 May 1993)
Bill O'Reilly (Died October 6 1992)
Marnus Labuschagne (born June 22 1994)
Dudley Nourse (12 November 1910 to 14 August 1981)
Ravichandran Ashwin (Born 17 September 1986)
Herbie Taylor (died 8 February 1973)
MS Dhoni (born 7 July 1981)
Jack Gregory (14 August 1895 - 7 August 1973)

1. Len Hutton
2. Herbie Taylor
3. Marnus Labuschagne (6)
4. Dudley Nourse
5. Victor Trumper
6. Imran Khan - captain (2)
7. MS Dhoni - keeper
8. Jack Gregory (5)
9. Ravichandran Ashwin (3)
10. Pat Cummins (1)
11. Bill O'Reilly (4)

Pretty content with my side, lacks perhaps the star names of some of the other sides in this draft but all very capable players with no clear weaknesses in my view, perhaps a star seamer to accompany Cummins and ease the workload of Imran Khan slightly but aside from that pretty happy. Very solid opener in Herbie Taylor along with an ATG in Len Hutton. Labuschagne arguably the most solid number 3 in the world right now (Williamson and Pujara the only ones really in the conversation alongside him). Nourse a great number 4 to have whilst Trumper has a better record at 5 then opening. Imran Khan has an amazing record with the bat at number 6 and will prove an inspiring leader whilst Dhoni provides nous as well as gives us a strong number 7. Gregory, Ashwin and Cummins gives us amazing depth down to number 10 whilst still having 5 bowling options and think this side is particularly well suited to turning pitches with Ashwin, O'Reilly and Labuschagne can roll his arm over whilst the batting depth also argubaly suits a low scoring game most.


International Debutant
Kapil Dev will be my final selection please

Charter 77 Final XI

W. G. Grace (6)
Sunil Gavaskar
Kumar Sangakkara
Viv Richards (8)
Steve Waugh (*) (7)
Wilfred Rhodes (5)
Kapil Dev (3)
Shaun Pollock (1)
Jack Blackham (+)
Frederick Spofforth (2)
J. J. Ferris (4)


Hall of Fame Member
Bert Ironmonger to round out my team.

Arthur Shrewsbury
Herbert Sutcliffe
Ken Barrington
Steven Smith
Younis Khan
Aubrey Faulkner
Quinton de Kock+
Malcolm Marshall
Fred Trueman
Tom Richardson
Bert Ironmonger

Pretty happy with this effort. At least 7 ATGs, QdK almost there, Shrewsbury is borderline too, Richardson was one of Wisden's cricketers of the century and Ironmonger was gun too. Also my team has a couple of quirks that hit the nerdy spot in my brain. Shrewsbury and Sutcliffe both dominated English cricket to an extent that was statistically on par with their more celebrated opening partners. Barrington, Smith and YK all rock solid but not particularly popular with crowds, and lastly Trueman's outies will complement Marshall's innies and seamers Jo nicely. Richardson, with 6 WPM in tests and the heaviest workload of any pace bowler in county cricket, will support the 2 ace pacers ably. Ironmonger + Faulkner covers spin needs.


Hall of Fame Member
QdK near ATG? Would have not thought he was anywhere near but then I think these keepers are hard to judge. Just picked Prior in the other draft another player who you would never consider a great but actually even with what we expect from keepers now there are very few in history that average above 40.


Hall of Fame Member
You can count better keeper batsmen on one hand. To me Watling already is one of the ATGs because he's both solid with the gloves and makes clutch runs. You look at Knott, Waite, Boucher etc and they're all in the low 30s. Glovework is harder to judge of course but even with modern expectations, so few guys are in that high 30s and above range. Gilly was truly a freak and Prior was very underrated too. I might be overselling QdK but it's something I've brought up previously, haha. He's definitely on the higher end with Prior, Watling and Dhoni as the best post Gilly WkBs.