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Draft Game - Fantasy Cricket 2019


International Vice-Captain
Having not debuted at the international level yet he hasn't yet been classified. I know he is a handy bat but I would normally say an all-rounder bats in the top 7 so I am comfortable with him as a FB.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Randy goes Lewis and Archer while I pick Campbell and Wood.

Im curious to see who England and West Indies pick.


International Regular
So has Randy made his picks or is he still finalising?

BTW anyone interested in a swap deal for Markram? :unsure:


International Vice-Captain
I inked him into the spreadsheet so randy gets Archer for the WC.

Looks like Q2 will begin with Zimbabwe hosting the UAE during this IPL enforced break.

Scores at the end of Q1 are:

Team Score
anil1405 4975
Randycricfreak 4889
kingkallis 4780
pfc19 4234
NUFAN 4098
Wickets & Runs 4087
mr_mister 3795
Teuton 3623
Pup Clarke 3487
morgieb 3406
jimmy101 2830
SillyCowCorner1 2504

(see an earlier post for the spreadsheet, my current system does not seem to like google sheets)


International Vice-Captain
Well there is not much we can do this year since every half-decent player is already picke and everyone has 2500-5000 points already.
I can only recommend checking back in November when we will start next year's comp.