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Dev League Check-In

Mr Mxyzptlk

Request Your Custom Title Now!
State your name and the club you belong to. If you're yet to be assigned or your contract has run out, state "Free Agent".

LA Camps - CW Blue
G Sriram - CW Blue

DK Rai - CW Colts
GM Thomas - CW Colts
KS Wright - CW Colts
BC Fitzsimmons - CW Colts
RG Dunn - CW Colts

JR Gray - CW Red
RJ Dauth - CW Red

AJ Garven - CW Green
XPA Rose - CW Green
NG Scott - CW Green
DY Dubb-Lynch - CW Green

DP Smith - CW Black
JJ Ritchie - CW Black
DP Richards - CW Black
BC Donald - CW Black

BJ Robb - Free Agent
DRP Taylor - Free Agent
JRE Luffman - Free Agent
DH Cole - Free Agent
B Goff Jr. - Free Agent
CJ Dinnen - Free Agent
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International Debutant
JJ Ritchie - Nixontown Boys High School, Nixontown Foxes, CW Grade XI, CW Black, Rookies XI, CW A, Marabella Maroons and the Rajastan Royals.