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Also I wanted to ask was is there a particular grip that can help you hitting the ball harder.
Well if your just going for the slog the best advice I can give you is to rotate your hips to gain extra power in your swing. Pivoting on your back foot helps in this regard.


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Have you tried a squash ball inside your bottom hand glove? :ph34r:
Damn Voltman, beat me to it!!!!

Re the bouncer thing. I have a mate who coaches a first grade side in Sydney. One of his theories is that, because good batsmen can often tell if a ball is going to be short because of the subtle (to the outsdier) changes in a bowler's action and the position of the dropping of the bowler's head, he tried to get his quicks to practice bowling bouncers without lowering their heads, to get a greater element of suprise. Not sure if it worked though, and as someone who wouldn't get a bowl in a Chinese restaurant, I'm probably not the one to ask. As a batter though, definitely a bouncer at eye level or just above is the hardest to control, preferably from the bowler's point of view going over off middle/ middle-off stump.


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Try to have the same follow-through with every delivery. Makes it next to impossible for batsmen to tell the difference.

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I can't bowl one, at all. I'm a spinner by trade (don't kill me Goughy) but even when I steam in and bang it in really short, it just gets to a certain height before going back on the "down." I'm a short fella and I just can't generate the pace or bounce from my height and action. So it's not necessarily a technical thing.


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I replicated Lance Klusener's bowling action because it buys me enough time to dart the ball on the spot I want it to land.

Land it shorter and harder than the usual ball.

Can't find any good videos of Klusener's bowling. His action I think buys a bowler enough time to bowl more accurately while it cuts the pace off a little.
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I think Body size has a lot to do with it myself. You don't see many short people who can bowl effective bouncers. You also need to be very strong especially in the back and abdominals because otherwise you will lose your body shape as you bowl.


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No point bothering with them around my area as all the pitches just suck it up and it only goes to waist height. Working on developing a nifty off-cutter instead.


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A: Speed of delivery, length of delivery i.e. where it's pitched, and bounce off the pitch will all be factors. Taller bowlers may find it easier to extract the necessary bounce and venom from the delivery to make them effective.


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Every time I try to bowl a bouncer I end up getting a very good yorker going.