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Avatar Bets


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
England to take 5 points or less from their group.

Loser must keep their avatar until Scotland next win a competitive fixture.
Haha, if only someone took that bet...

EDIT: Looks like Marcuss did. Now he has to wait until September at least to get his own avatar. :p
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Evil Scotsman
Will post Marcuss' new avatar either tonight or tomorrow, iirc his bet with Steulen lasts a couple more days.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
As my avatar bet will have run out by then.....

Germany to beat England

(Penalty win counts as a win rather than a draw)

Duration: Until the other side bows out of the competition.
Still to be taken...


Global Moderator
Mexico to be even with Argentina by the end of 90 min+stoppage time/Mexico to beat Argentina.

Duration:-1 month