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Australian test selection 2020/21


The artist formerly known as Monk
Surely the squad quarantine rules should emphasise each team needs to be able to cover any position in the team from inside the squad of 17. So if Paine and Wade play the first test and Paine is injured, Wade keeps in the second and we can replace Paine with Green or Burns or whoever.


Hall of Fame Member
Hate to be maddison right now, he's dominated the shield for a season and a half straight and can't even make an extended test squad.
I'm sure he's just on the fringe now by virtue of having barely had a significant bat this season thanks to Harris and Pucovski.


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Lol because I don't rate him

Less than zero is just hyperbole. But all of Cummins, Patto and Neser would have to break down before he joins Starc n Hazelwood
Terrible post. Dermo Sabba Ultimate Abbott has been very good in the Shield for a couple of years now and takes a lot of poles on flat decks. Was surprised he didn’t ge to a Guernsey on the Ashes tour as well, bloke owns the Duke.

And apparently he can bat


The artist formerly known as Monk
Yeh, I’m unsure why someone wouldn’t rate him tbh

He’s a guy who gets it done and wouldn’t let us down. If he gets a chance, he’s deserved it


State Vice-Captain
While I'm interested to see how the pucovski vs burns scenario plays out in the A games, more interested to see how green goes in his first A-game, even at u19 level he only played 1 A game vs Pakistan, will be a huge string to his bow if he can step up and make some noteworthy contributions.