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Australian Domestic Season 2018/19


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Playing as late and square as he does may turn out to be an asset in England tbf, in a team of relative pokers and pushers.


First Class Debutant
Handscomb will only be on the A tour if he misses out on the WC squad and if he misses out on the WC squad he will be on the A tour. Same for Maxwell or Turner or whoever misses out on the WC squad.
The same applies on the bowling side of things, Coulter-Nile, K. Richardson or Behrendorff will be on the A tour if they miss out on the WC squad.


International Captain
Smith and Handscomb both have techniques that invite the bowlers to try and pin them in front.

Smith punishes most bowlers that accept the invitation. Handscomb tends to not last very long.

Technique problem?

When your technique is writing cheques your talent can't cash changing the technique is usually the answer that has the best chance of long term success.


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sad that burgey hasn't posted to celebrate the news of star nsw metro keeper/batsman Baxter Holt getting a debut


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Whether it is technique or something else, he needs to score runs to make the team, he has not been doing it enough.
Yes. It's just so easy and lazy to blame "technique" for any player not achieving what they want to who happens to have an unusual technique. People would be saying the same thing about Steve Smith if his hand-eye coordination wasn't as good, or if he had a bad patch of form.


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Inb4 5. Sangha 6. Edwards 7. Holt 12. Bertus
5. Sangha
6. Al Baxter Holt
7. Copers "Logie" Copeland
8. Dermo Sabba Abbott
9 and 10. the other bowlers whose names I can't be bothered learning
11. Arry Conway


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trying to work out if i have to spend the next four days dreading a century by tim piane


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Try to get an early night everyone. A big four days ahead as #Bertmentum takes the cricketing nation, nay the cricketing world, by storm.


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i hear the stock market has put a trading halt on stocks in Burgey Pty Ltd such are the stakes at play