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Australian Domestic Season 2018/19


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by law, Jono has to return to cricketweb.net/forum and sledge Burgey if Bert makes a duck


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I don't think any of you truly appreciate how significant it is that I'll be able to "Champ" a Shield player next time I see him.


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Tim Ward in the NSW intra-squad trial. Had a very good couple of years opening thre batting - averaged 80 odd this year including back to back tons. Missed quite a lot of the start of the season with a broken arm suffered in England. Worth keeping an eye on.


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5. Sangha
6. Al Baxter Holt
7. Copers "Logie" Copeland
8. Dermo Sabba Abbott
9 and 10. the other bowlers whose names I can't be bothered learning
11. Arry Conway
darn it, turns out I went too far the other way. they don't trust Bert's batting

5. Jason Sangha
6. Son of Burgey
7. Jack Edwards
8. Al Baxter Holt
9. Dermo Abbott
10. Trent "Will bowl from one end all match" Copeland
11. Harry Conway



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Knowing Bert is playing and absent SOK, Sangha is a cert I suppose, to bowl a few leggies. So if anyone is going to miss it's Surfer Baby, who really should make way for one of the quicks.

It's like they've gone arse about - for years they've picked three or four batsmen, now they've picked eight. ****ing weirdos.


International Captain
Sangha's bowling has a bit about it tbf. Absolutely needs to actually score runs first and foremost, but he looks better than part time. Almost medium pace, seems to have good control but can still get it to turn.

If only he converted his starts into some scores...


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Neither he nor Edwards has topped 40 since they tonned up pre-Xmas. The side needs runs from the middle order or they’re wasting their time making the final, if they get there.


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Tassie bowling first. Burgey glued to the live stream waiting for the wickets to fall and his anointed one to come in.


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Kingston reminds me a little bit of Dane Paterson of South Africa, reasonably short of stature with an ambling and innocuous approach, but fairly snappy through the crease.