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A plea for answers

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Grab a knee.

So I was banned obv (which you all know because it no doubt coincided with the forum being poorer for a week).

That in itself doesn't bother me, gave me time to do some baking and and subsequently eat the fruits of my labour.

However, seeing as though my consistent and concerted efforts to contact a certain moderator in regards to this ban was ignored I have been forced to make this thread so I can actually get an answer. Even if it means I have to report this post in order to get some action taken.

So, I was infracted 5 points for this post which was in reply to consistent and repeated trolling by one or more posters about the exact same topic. I will not name a poster because it isn't about that. I acknowledge that I shouldn't have lashed out in 'that' fashion (though it was such a nothing post) however I felt it was the last resort after posting a number of times that I didn't want to get into the debate.

The 'troll' or 'baiter' was not infracted, merely warned.

Under the revised forum rules:

Trolls are not welcome: - Controversial opinions are welcome, so long as you present them properly. Flame-baiting and trolling, thinly veiled or not, are easy to see and the moderation team will not give the benefit of the doubt. Please note that repetitive posting of otherwise acceptable opinions in a manner that derails unrelated conversations or to annoy other posters will be considered trolling. Frac: Minor to Serious
The punishment for such behaviour is set as 5 infraction points. The baiter received no infraction points.

Secondly, the moderator andyc posted this after the series of posts.

Again, under the revised forum rules:

Stay on topic:- Keep your posts on the topic of the thread. If there is a new subject you want to cover either take it to the relevant thread, or create a new one. Idle back-and-forth chit chat is best left for chat rooms or instant messaging. Frac: Warning to Mid
Why is it acceptable that a moderator encourage off topic debate/baiting, whereas I am infracted for discouraging such debate. Last time I looked Matt Prior doesn't play for Australia or Sri Lanka, and pretty sure the debate isn't relevant in a Sri Lanka vs Australia match thread. Has the aforementioned moderator not read the forum rules? Or is he simply failing to enforce these rules?

Lastly, I'd like to take issue with this infraction I received on the 30/6/2011. The post was a play-on with the (what I thought to be) popular internet meme born out of this youtube video: The Black Legend - Epic Dessert Time - YouTube

Having over 4 million views I just assumed everyone knew of it, foolishly it seems. The problem I have is that I was infracted five points due to the moderators being ignorant of the meme. I used four_or_six's name because she's the only active female poster I'm aware of (except for Jono).

I was under the impression that the infraction was being reviewed, however I have a feeling that the same moderator I tried to get in contact with during my ban was too lazy to bring it up for moderator discussion. This (erroneous) infraction contributed to me accumulating 15 infraction points, thus being banned.


Virat Kohli (c)
All I have to add is that it was disappointing that you were unable to congratulate Adam Goodes on his 300th game on Friday because you were banned.


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Good to see Richmond holding their b&f during September. Guess they knew they had nothing else to do in that month.


Evil Scotsman
Step 1: Untwist panties/remove sand from ******
Step 2: Go get a can of juice from the fridge
Step 3: Chill


Global Moderator
Benchy, you will get a response from us shortly. As such, there's no further need for this thread.
Not open for further replies.