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2nd semi final: India vs South Africa


International Debutant
ridiculous kohli.

well done india. we were hoping on a whim. but have been terrible this world cup. its indias to lose!

Well done!


Mr. Glass
2011 WC
2013 Champions Trophy
2014 T20 WC(Potentially)

Pretty good run in limited overs games over the years.


Mr. Glass
SL's bowling will be undercooked after bowling just 5 overs the other day. We should win the final easily since their batting isn't going to put up a high pressure total.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Shri, if you want to post gifs from that site as actual images, you have to right click on them and get the direct url. You've made a stack of posts lately which just lead to a page that has that done on it, which is fine if you post the link, but trying to post it like that as an image isn't going to work.

This is what you meant to post:

As a general rule, if the gif link you're posting here doesn't actually end in .gif, it's not gonna work.


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What Cribb meant to say was "Learn to post ffs".

Only a aw the tail end of the chase, but India looked to be doing it easily. Suspect Francois may have missed a trick in not turning to Steyn earlier, but Kohli in particular looked in control of things.

India will start deserved favourites for the final.