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20th Match - New Zealand v Australia

Who will win this match?

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U19 Debutant
Believe it or not the tables have totally turned on that one. There were so many people (from, shall we say, the "talkback" section of the population) questioning his selection for the WC, which I just thought was laughable given him much better than NMac he is as an ODI bowler. I sort of grouped him with Mills as old heads who are easily worth their spots despite some hate from the general public.

Accordingly I've become sort of a Vettori fan now, because I'm counting on him to do the sort of job he did on Saturday and in doing so he is, like Boult, silencing some haterzzzzzz. Doesn't change the fact that when I look back on his test career I will always maintain that he was a pretty overrated bowler.
Ya some guy called Radio Sport 2 weeks ago and told Devlin that if we played Southee and Vettori vs AUS we will lose, they will be embarrassments. Now he can go **** himself


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The onlycup they care about is the league.

Losing the game itself to nz is worse than dropping the chappel hadlee
Oh they care champ. Make no bones about it. I have enough Aussie mates to know this first hand. Don't be fooled/tricked into thinking otherwise.


Cricket Spectator
I'm sure somebody has mentioned this before but Vettori is 51 runs away from 7000 runs across all formats and 2 wickets away from 700 wickets, now I am sure he will pick up the 2 wickets but what are the chances of him getting the runs before the end of the WC?