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10th Match - Pakistan v West Indies

Who will win this match?

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U19 Debutant
So where does this put Ireland's win over Windies in the grand scheme of things ?:D

Ireland-Zimbabwe becomes a really crucial game now.A win over Zimbabwe and it puts Ireland in the driving seat to qualify for the quarters.And South Africa are gonna hammer Pakistan anyway.

I hope they can seize the opportunity and this is perhaps the biggest push they can get in their quest to become a full-member.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Wonder why the WI management decided to drop Bravo and Pollard but not Gayle?
Bravo instigated the player strike. His dumping wasn't performance-related, regardless of the official line.

I think Pollard's dropping was at least partly performance related though, and I think he was dropped while Gayle was spared because they had more depth in his area than Gayle's.


International Debutant
I am glad India got its win over Pakistan early, giving Indian fans a few days of joy before the Ireland-WI and WI-Pakistan games put things in perspective.