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  • Just wanted to draw your attention to this post. The whole nationalistic attack thing - responding to the poster's nationality rather than the actual post - is very reminiscent to what has repeatedly led to your infractions and bans in the past. Obviously neither the mod team nor you want to have to go through that whole process again, so we'd appreciate if you were mindful of that type of posting in the future. Thanks mate.
    Hey made; I'm glad you're back. You're frustrating to argue with a lot of the time but unlike half the other members around these days, you say what you think to talk about cricket; you don't just try and stir up **** to piss people off.

    Just thought I'd give you a welcome. :)

    Oh, and the guy pretending to be me on the West Indies forum isn't me, btw. If you could let people know there I'd be appreciate it.
    With reference to what Clapo is talking about, I edited your post where you had previously referred to NZ when they weren't relevant to the conversation at hand, which is always going to move away from constructive posting about the topic and into adversarial posting.
    Windie, you were warned by vic because again you were basically mocking NZ again in the first part of your post for no reason whatsoever. Our patience is running thin with you continually turning threads into a "my team is better than your team" argument. Yes the way in which people react is completely unacceptable, and we will deal with it, but it's more than just a co-incidence that so many people are aggravated by the way in which you post.
    Look at the ICC T20 WC sub-forum, a WI squad discussion thread has just began.
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