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  • At the moment I'm thinking Law with Politics in Queens, that's if I can get 3 A's. Would love to stay in Belfast but I'll see what happens haha.
    No mate I'm only 17. Upper sixth next year. Used to go to St Malachy's but left in 4th year, go to Edmund Rice College now, more commonly known as Hightown but I doubt you'd have heard of it. What are you doing in Uni?
    Glengormley, North Belfast lol. It's decent enough. I take it your in uni, what school did you go to here?
    CWFL would like to offer you $2000 to fight Manee at 'CWFL 1- The Beginning' with a $2000 win bonus.

    Please accept or decline in the thread
    Where in Belfast are you from mate?

    EDIT: Northern Ireland**, I don't know if you're from Belfast lol..
    Hey mate when you have a sec can you come on MSN, im on appear offline mode. No rush.
    I just saw you browsing through my overate/underate on the basis on nationality thread and thought "random, hope he isn't reading the threads by Flem274* section". There's some howling knee jerk reactions in there. :p
    Get out of my horrible threads I make boy :p

    Hopefuly you haven't found and of my Days of Grace-esque ones.
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