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  • Heya mate. We've got a subbie for the CW Crabs union side over at Cricsim, if you wanna swing by. The offseason cricket comp has been going on too if you want a look - you've been doing pretty well if I daresay so.
    Reckon you should join now since himmanv just came into the team too. You can both learn together. o.o
    Hi Somers,

    Can you make an good post about the upcoming France England game and give your predictions of who will win and why.
    First you need to register here... Registrations - Page 5 - CricSim

    And then you can go here and say your simming name (that you registered with) and "Allstars"
    Season 11 Contracts - Page 4 - CricSim

    From there you'll be attached to our subbie. You can also keep a better eye on Heef's rugby sim from cricsim.
    Yes... yes it would!

    But hey Howe has taken to it like a house on fire so I reckon you might like it too. And the Allstars would love a bloke like you.

    The simming part of cricsim works on a Cribb formula no one knows about it that is influenced by your player role, activity and presumably a little bit of magic.
    The player roles are: Specialist bat, batting allrounder,wicketkeeper, allrounder, bowling allrounder and specialist bowler. I'm fairly certain almost all of the new wave of CWers have been either specialist bats or batting allrounders, besides Howe who is a fast bowler.

    I'll post you a link for the Rego page and contracts page if you're interested.
    Dear Somerset.

    Would you be interested in participating in an online cricket forum that sims cricket? Because I think you'd make a great addition to the Allstars team, which consists of a fair few members of who you may be familiar with myself, Heef, Howe and Number_11.
    Awight geez?

    Could you do the honours on the title of the Last Man Standing thread again, please? Muchos gracias.
    What ho, chap.

    Wonder if you could work your magic on the AFL v NRL Finals tipping thread, please? S'not 2009 anymore.
    Hey mate. I'm doing a winners-only round of LMS for the final day of the series, if you're in.
    If you aren't about to disappear again, could you change the NRL LMS title, please? New round next week.
    Hard luck on the AFL LMS fella.

    Could I be cheeky and ask you to change the thread title now we're beginning again once your tears have dried? ;-)
    Hey mate, can add you into the draft if you're interested. You'll be at the bottom of the list though.
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