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  • dilshan taken :(
    so how's Gayle then??
    My only concern is that the westindies might not even make the quarters
    if not Gayle, Gambhir?
    we should try and get an opener since openers normally score more runs.
    Dilshan perhaps
    he's ranked 6th atm and his strike could earn us extra points.
    Must confess I tend to look for catches in these things and I read "never captained England" literally as not ruling out anyone else (Bradman did occur to me), but rereading it it would be very mean indeed to do that so I'll confine my thoughts to Englishmen
    I thought you might ask about that one - I'm afraid I don't know, but I will do some research for you.
    Looking at the question I'd be inclined to think its a post WW1 English amateur - and clearly one who has gone into print so without checking that would limit it considerably - Percy Fender, Frank Foster, Ken Farnes or Trevor Bailey immediately spring to mind - and Doug Insole as well actually - although with the exception of the loony Foster I'm not sure it sounds like the sort of thing any of them would say.
    And then again it might be a pro who said it, or an overseas Test player, in which case the field is a lot wider. Anyway I'll ponder
    If you'd sent this an hour earlier I could have sorted it today - I don't have a scanner at home but I'll endeavour to remember to bring my copy in to work tomorrow and do so - it looked relatively easy on a quick glance - what is your email address?
    Trollin ur wall, trollololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol!!!!!!!!11111111111111
    Hi, I needed some permission from CW management about my website I have made for Cricket Drafts. Can I talk to you about it or I need to talk to anyone else for that?

    I have picked you cause you have played Draft games and you know it.. :D

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