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  • Hey Rob. Out of interest, how do you pronounce your user name? For some reason I have always seen it as "Robby Linda" and it's only just struck me that's almost certainly wrong.
    Hi Rob, can you please check the youtube thread. I posted a way on how to report teamriczo. Can you please try that ? Hopefully it works
    Hi Rob
    thanks for the message, my email is cktoulos@optusnet.com.au -it would be easier to communicate through email.
    what games you after from the 94 SA tour - one day or test ?

    Mate thanks so much for all your advice. I'll take it on board and let you know how he goes.

    Cheers mate, thanks for that. Appreciate the help a lot.

    He's keen as to get into it so hopefully I'll set him up with a guitar this week. You recommend a half or three quarter one?
    Hey mate. I thought I read on here you teach guitar. My young bloke wants to take it up- he's nine. What's the going rate for lessons in the Sydney area mate (I'm in castle hill if you know anyone in the area), and do you reckon I should buy him a guitar, or will most kids' teachers let him kick off with a loaner?

    Be grateful if you would let me know.
    Hey mate, just a heads up that if you feel like cricaus or any other poster is going over the top with their requests for your videos, please let the mod team know by reporting the post and we'll take action if necessary.
    If they can't say which videos are gone, then I wouldn't stress. Maybe youtube isn't displaying certain things properly.
    Yeah I was just thinking about that. Strange. Don't think I've had it happen to me. When mine are taken down it'll have the video and say it's been rejected or something like that.

    Your only choice is to contact youtube and ask them the reasoning and if they can reinstate your videos. Also, check your email for any sort of infringement letters.
    Quick question, do you have footage of Nathan Bracken's ball to Chris Gayle in the Champions Trophy final in 2006? Was an amazing ball and can't find it anywhere.
    Amazing news to hear about your Gower archive! If you could post it I would be incredibly grateful. Tell you what, if you get the whole lot up there I'll donate $100 to the charity of your choice. Particularly if you can include (if you've got it) the 70 he got at Sydney in 82/83 which he reckoned was the best he ever batted.
    You are amazing! Do you have any highlight video of Windies-Aus MCG Test match in 1988 (4th innings of Aus)? Also, do you have 2003 World Cup league match between India and Aus? I remember Lee bowling a few snorters to Tendulkar and Sehwag in that match. Also, the battle between Lara and Lee at Trinidad in 2003 Test series (that 7 over spell of Lee to Lara/Sarwan).
    hey mate, the marto stuff you mentioned you might be able to upload, any hundreds would be awesome, particularly vs. south africa in s.a or in adelaide, or anything from sub-continent 2004! xx
    Mate you are a legend. You don't know how much I've been hanging out for that piece of footage. So so soooo good.

    Thanks so much!!
    If you could get that bit updated that would be beyond amazing. Otherwise, is there another way I could obtain it?

    I'm particularly interested in the guy in the background in the crowd who throws his hat in disgust. Don't ask me why, it's a strange story, I've just been looking for that bit of footage forever.
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