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  • You know that Sehwag fan guy at ICF? Well he was banned here a couple of years ago. Reckon Viru the beast is him?
    Hi - I saw your details in an old WSC thread and wondered if you had any footage to buy from 1977 to 1979 from the Packer years? thanks, Peter
    Hi Rob,

    you made a really cool video "Viv the tosser" where you compiled a lot of his interviews at the start of matches. Would it be possible to do one for Imran? It would be great if you could do that.....cheers and keep up the good work.
    i reckon there is another one which does bounce once though, in the perth test. i'll look into it.
    Will wait until you link me to the exact ball itbt.

    Still waiting on some Blewett bowling also ftr. Service around here ain't what it used to be.
    There's f00tage of it on yout00b. Just assumed it was yours. Think it's just a video of Lillee and Thommo bowling heat. Will have another look.
    Oi ****. Was it you that had the video of Thommo bowling with the ball bouncing over Marsh and going one bounce into the fence?

    If so, link me up, ****. Tried searching your channel but have gotten nothing.

    Might be forced to look at the much superior channel, Robe Linda

    Also, is there any footage 1992 World Cup game between England and Zimbabwe (where Zim won)?

    Was played at my home ground in the place I grew up. Would be great to see some highlights again, but I'm not sure any footage even exists?
    Oi ****.

    That Martin Crowe video you uploaded today. I'm actually in that video. Which makes it your finest upload to date.

    I'm Irfan , living in the U.A.E, i'm very impressed with the videos posted on youtube. I'm looking for some cricket matches in Australia, England & New Zealand from the 70's and 80's, specially WSC supertest. I'm interested in buying some from you. Let me know if you agree.

    Finally. if possible can you email me the list of games you have.

    the guys at cricinfo posted one of your ponting vids on facebook. i could tell it was one of yours before clicking on it because it was in allcaps and alluded to his *GOLD CLASS* hahah
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