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Prince EWS
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  • Nice. I just employed a simple working solution today by including a batting position 12.
    Did your test match programs face any problems due to the recent rule change of concussion sub? In the recent matches, Blackwood replaced Bravo and Labuschagne replaced Smith mid-match.
    thanks, but i'd rather not have my name affiliated with media in anyways

    already feels risky posting under a CW account that can easily be traced back to me IRL.
    Yeah, what I found really cool about it was how relatable it would seem to people who already buy into a meaning/happiness paradigm of life, which is pseudo-religious, karmic might be the word for it. Liberteranism would not be moral from that premise as people would look for the state to dole out the karmic love that god never gave them. However, you managed to justify libertarianism even within that framework. It’s some really heavy insight porn.

    If I had to answer the same question and make a case, i’d talk about deconstructing that framework and understanding the omnipresence of variance in life and the dangers of ****ing with it which sounds like a ****** idea to convert people who are probably reading because they want to believe in a life with direct effort-reward co-relation and just don’t want the govt stealing their money etc.
    Haha that was definitely a super cringe, uncomfortable post at a bad time, personally. Sorry about that. My new role at work means that I’m working like 10 hrs a week and basically spend all my time at work making unnecessarily long posts on various forums, so yeah things are on the up and up haha.

    Also, the economy of thought and nuance of reasoning in your libertarian thread was just beautiful. I referred the libertarian thread you made to at least three people whose initial response when I mentioned libertarian was to treat it as either as a teenage utopian fantasy or an unaccountability card. They all came out understanding it and exactly why they disagreed with it. You should write more extensively about it (link me if you do!).

    Have a good one man.
    Anyway, how is life, Cribbage? Been literally years haha. Hope things are good at your end.
    Don't worry about the pre-hiatus thing. It was silly anyway.

    And it's not about anyone else. Just the last month, my personal experience of the forum was becoming worse off for being a mod. That never happened before. So, it seemed like the right time.

    Anyway, Teja looks to be back too, in as much as he would be, so it may turn out to be good timing serendipitously.

    Genuinely don't know if I had agendas (maybe it's more obvious from your perspective). But perhaps I was more responsive to the intentions of the posters and forum atmosphere aspects of posting than required.
    Hey, I told James a few days ago that I don't wish to be a mod any longer. He was away for a bit and is back now, and asked me to leave a message for you guys. I have done so on the "Welcome Harsh to the Mod Team" thread from 2 years ago in the mod-staff subbie.

    Wanted to thank you personally for being helpful throughout. It was fun doing it, even if I wasn't the best at it.

    It’s all part and parcel of the standard of posting on the forum being ****e for weeks now. I’ve had enough.
    Some guy on kingcricket is profiling all the england squad members for the world cup. On the page about Chris Woakes he mentions some things but doesn't pick up on :woakes: so I tried to tell him about it. I don't think I came across very well though. Do you still have the OG :woakes: picture?
    Hi PEWS, how can I request a change of username? I'd like to change my username please.
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