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Recent content by nsniks

  1. nsniks

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa 2018

    I would like to see smith bowl 2 to 3 overs, I think he can break this partnership
  2. nsniks

    ***Official*** Australia in South Africa 2018

    Good 100 by Markram
  3. nsniks

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    As always NxT takeover delivers, the main event was great
  4. nsniks

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    Excellent segment between KO and Jericho. That was just perfectly done
  5. nsniks

    The most lowly thought of players with truly gun performances.

    Sunil Joshi 5/6 against SA in an ODI
  6. nsniks

    The most lowly thought of players with truly gun performances.

    Harbhajan singh scoring two back to back hundreds against NZ with one of them coming when the India team was at 15/5 in second innings
  7. nsniks

    ***Official*** England in India 2016/17

    Some fantastic shots by Jayant today
  8. nsniks

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    According to meltzer, brock suggested this finish
  9. nsniks

    Semi Final 2 - West Indies v India (31st March)

    Hope others step up and do not rely on Kohli to make all the runs every time.
  10. nsniks

    Virender SehWAAAAAAHHHHHHg - upset at how he was dropped

    I think Dhawan's ton against Australia on debut and also the manner in which he scored the ton was the final nail in coffin for Sehwag career.
  11. nsniks

    ***Official*** Sri Lanka in New Zealand 2015

    Neo sports I think
  12. nsniks

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    I still cant believe how the hell he was moving after taking such a sick looking suplex from the ramp
  13. nsniks

    ***Official*** South Africa in India 2015

    Disappointed that Iyer also perished early. The boy has been on fire recently in Ranji. Hope he gets selected in T20 team atleast
  14. nsniks

    ***Official*** South Africa in India 2015

    Any updates on Ashwin injury?
  15. nsniks

    Indian Cricket Dhaba

    I would like the team to give Iyer a chance at top alongside Rohit with Virat and Raina coming at 3 and 4 with Dhoni following them in T20's. Iyer also seems to be in good form now