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  • Yeah, it's incredible stuff. Guess it's a victim of it's own success in a sense, because the US remake you mention will almost certainly be awful I suspect. Probably will turn it into some sort of horror thing, rubbish. Mind you, I never liked the Japanese Live Action version either. Thought it was rubbish as well.
    Yeah, Death Note is srsly gun. Must have watched it through about 5 or 6 times now haha. Show it to pretty much everyone I can persuade to give it a chance tbh. Second half goes downhill a lot though. Not because of the death of L, but the writing just seems to get a bit crap until the final few episodes. Great though, like you say.

    Darker than Black is great. I really liked it because it was character driven more than plot driven, and the slow pace at which it develops is just great. Defo would recommend. Make sure you get good subs though, because it get's mega confusing in places if the translation is at all off.
    I've never seen Dragonball Z either, FMA Brotherhood though is srsly one of the greatest things I have ever watched ever. One of the greatest stories ever told imo, has everything. Darker than Black is another gun one to watch, suggest you have a look at that if you haven't already.

    Haha, I never was a particularly fan of the Four Horsemen tbh. Always quite liked Arn Anderson, but never a particular favourite of mine. Ric Flair on the other hand is a guy who I kind of admired, respected and appreciated what he did, but never really liked him that much either. Did enjoy his final run in WWE though. Funnily enough my strongest memory of the Four Horsemen was when the NWO impersonated them on Nitro that time, which was kind of amusing/dire all at the same time.
    Haha good lad, have also been meaning to ask for a while, but I'm guessing you like FMA as well? haha
    Haha they were quite a lot of fun tbh. Could only play the TEW ones with "real" wresters/promotions if you modded it with a load of add ons etc... But they were quite amusing and decent for a while. Might be worth a look if you like that kind of thing.
    Bryan vs Punk on RAW last night, well worth a watch imo. So great to see two guys like these facing off as the two word title holders in a promotion like the E.
    In the E at the moment, my absolute favourite has to be Jericho. Have liked him ever since I was a kid, has pretty much everything you could want in a Pro Wrestler imo. Plenty of guys worth liking though if you ask me, Punk is another obvious one who's top drawer. Danielson is doing better than I expected as well, and it's good to see the booking team get behind him (doubt it will last much longer mind). Got a lot of time for Cena and Orton as well tbh, not a fashionable choice perhaps, but for me it's hard to look beyond them in terms of quality of overall performance. Don't have any beef with Cena's in ring ability either tbh, perfectly serviceable if you ask me.Wish they had stuck with Shelton Benjamin imo, really missed a trick with him I reckon. Loved his matches, really good wrestler.

    What about you?
    Yeah, not really seen much of ROH at all, but I haven't heard many good things about it recently. Shame really. Must be good watching matches from the territories though, must say I've never really done that, despite being interested.
    Was a major ECW fan back in the day. Followed WCW until went bust, but I only follow the E these days. TNA just doesn't do anything for me, and can't stay with ROH for some reason. Watched a fair bit of CZW back when it was still going as well, but despite having a load of good performers there was too much garbage wrestling and pointless violence and I got sick of it.
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