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  • Apologize for my posts Ponty, but that was just a joke and nothing more.. Wasn't serious about one damn thing I said about you..
    There are many more interviews to come and a whole bunch of media stuff ahead of the IPL...if he plays it is the most celebrated debut in Indian cricket. People want to know the full story, and I don't have a problem with that. There WAS no story until he got named in the RR squad was there? That's why this is now and current. I look a jerk if I say nothing... so I am trying to oblige media who want to know. I just hate people making this thing look like hype when it's genuine.
    I'm aware of that, but if you wanted to avoid misquotes, false hype, Chinese whispers etc, would it not have been better to wait until he played a few games before engaging in interviews with web forums?

    I'm no expert and I daresay you know a lot more about this sort of stuff than me, but it just strikes me as curious that you'd work on him for three years in a cloud of secrecy without him even playing a game, and then do two interviews just before the final hurdle, so to speak.
    Thank you...I hope the quotes from you are EDITED OUT....the damage has been done sadly.....
    My posts have been deleted, and I'll just pm the guys that quoted me, asking them to delete their posts as well.
    Apologies once more, had no idea that my comments would have had such implications, once again though you live and learn, and I'll definitely be learning from my mistake!
    There's a bigger problem (legal) posting private conversations on a public web forum. And misrepresentaion, too.
    I apologise if anything I said was incorrect, but I was just posting what I thought I remembered you saying, and didn't think you'd have any problem with discussing what was mentioned, given that Atul will be showcased to the world in the IPL in a week or so. Looking back I probably shouldn't have discussed things mentioned in private, but we live and learn, and once again I apologise for making those statements.
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