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  • Need to replace Haddin in your squad. He is already taken.

    And yes, you can keep Azhar and Misbah if HB doesn't want them. Ajantha Mendis has already been selected.
    Hi mate, unfortunately four of the players you selected are ineligible and you will need to replace them.

    Just to confirm, you are allowed to pick any previously unselected player from Australia, England, WI, NZ, SA.

    No Asian players, but if honestbharani doesn't want Azhar or Misbah, you will have the chance to pick them again.

    Please post a squad of 14 players from England, WI, NZ or South Africa. Minimum 5 ODIs per player. Thanks!
    You can either take a combined team from Bangladesh/Zimbabwe/associate nations, or you can enter a World XI made up of players from around the world previously unselected by other players. There are still some really good players left such as Steyn, Qadir, Azharuddin. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Hey, how about upgrading to Bavuma for Head (or Munro, whomever you like less)? Bavuma on the cards to play 9+ tests (Nov-Dec schedule not out yet), compared to just 11 ODIs for Head. And Mitch Marsh <> Corey Anderson in return.

    How about it?
    Nope. Everyone has had a chance to be first and last in the draft and these rounds are now completely random, although anyone who is top 2 is barred from being top 2 in the next random round. As fair as possible. Just gotta go with how the cookie crumbles.
    Sorry, was away from the computer for a few hours today and didn't realise you needed a trade that urgently.
    look just make some trades if you want to get into the spirit of things. it ain't gonna kill you. you've turned down about 15
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