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  • Hey up, fella.

    As you seem to have both NRL & AFL tipping licked, how about having a lash at The Premier League version too?

    No pressure, like...

    Looks like Brissy for me week of 6th Feb. Up for a nose bag? We can put Vite 1 Bligh posters up afterwards.
    Hey mate, Just looked at the Ticketek website for the Reds GF...is saying "Limited Availability" in Platinum, gold and silver. Might be worth a shot.

    Possible the early overload has meant some tix are still floating about - worth a crack!
    Yeah no worries mate. Was just interested in potentially busting the myth that modern day cricket involves more playing time.

    Yeah I'll be travelling down to watch it as well. Cannot wait
    hey howard.

    Was it you or social that was doing some research on comparing amount of cricket played today to that of ABs era?

    If so, did you end up following through with it. I'd be interested to know the results
    Hey champ.

    Going to be in Bris early next year to visit my sis, wanna catch up for a brewski? If so, drop me an email on cjt.newtranslation@gmail.com when you get a chance.

    Hi Matt

    It's my nephew who sometimes stays with me. I thnk he may have used my email address.
    The mod team does need a response from you on this - otherwise we have to assume that the simplest explanation is right and act accordingly.
    Hey mate, could you send an email to the moderators@cricketweb.net account explaining what the story is in terms of the relationship between yourself and the poster "blockbuster"? Don't have your email address.
    Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software

    Not for normal suits, no.

    Robes for barristers, yes.

    Following is a lawyer-specific publication on deductions.

    Lawyers 2009-10
    Mate, my spies tell me that if I spent a reasonable amount of cash OS on clothes I can claim them as a legitimate deduction. Is this in fact true, as I think it would be splendid to claim my new Armani jumper I bought in London? Viva La Gillardine!
    Hey mate, not at all. Been out of the loop as I'm in the UK, else I'd replied sooner.
    Don't be silly mate - all good. Won't take it personally, not one bit. And I hope you won't when I'm an arsehole either.
    Tensions always build in the election year.
    One day we'll have a beer and a laugh about it.
    You'd love it here mate - Tories in charge. I feel dirty!
    Have a pick to make up in the draft, and then you're up again after Matteh makes his next pick :)
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