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  • Of course not. That would be utterly stupid.

    I've already sorted things out with Burgey, read my profile.

    I'm just waiting to hear back from ***** whether he thins we are a in feud or whether my sig inflames him.

    If it does, of course I will change it.

    I think given your message has already sorted things out between Burgey and I, it has been most productive already. So unless your're banning all quotes, I just want to hear where ***** stands on this, whether he is inflamed or we are in a feud. Make sense to you?
    But you said the issue was about feuds or inflammatory posts. If ***** or Burgey are not in a feud or inflamed by it, then you're censoring my quote of post which is still available for public viewing? I don't quite understand what you mean? If not about inflaming feuds, where there are no feuds nor inflaming, are you censoring all quotes in sigs, or just mine? Sorry, I am a bit confused here.

    If you're going to censor all quotes in sigs, I totally understand where you're coming from and I will happily oblige.
    Yeah, no worries. I've sent him a message asking whether he finds my post inflammatory and whether we are in fact in his view in a feud. If he answers in the affirmative, I will of course change my sig, no worries.
    I'm on 0 points. I can afford an infraction or two
    How many points am I looking at here for the Miyagi abuse?
    Its brilliant. All these Japanese food shows are awesome. There is this one about a retired guy who now uses his free time to go around and eat - it's called Samurai something. I saw the first episode, was so good. Check it out if you can.

    There is also that Indian food show called Raja Rasoi, so good.

    And people think MasterChef is a good food show fml
    I'm on episode 3 of Kantaro and this just further establishes my POV that all these foreigners have a limited grasp and understanding of Asian desserts.

    This show is the best thing. So weird. So awesome.
    Ooooh I actually started episode 1 on Netflix but never continued. Don't like reading subtitles. But it seemed great
    But it was a meme. You can't have a meme without repetition. That's the whole point. Means are meant to be repetitive. Look at the definition

    1. an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
    2. an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.
    And yeah, it's pretty funny tbh, not going to reply and let him know he's made a mistake lol
    Weather wise it's all the same but we do get slightly more rainfall in November-December. August will have more tourists but I'm not sure if it will actually be significant enough to affect their experience. Early November will be school holidays for some.
    Hi mate. Could you change the word "team" to "group" in the title of the Baggy Green ball tampering thread? Bugs me that I used the wrong word and I don't know how to fix it. Cheers, z.
    Thanks for editing my post, didn’t think it had posted for some reason but checked later and it had so thank you . :-)
    What you've done here is just tell me the equivalent of a guy running up to another fella on the street who says to him "Hey let's talk right here face to face but over the phone, no guarantees I won't give it over to these other characters I work with who can do my talking for me and step up to the plate in my stead."

    I honestly can't tell if you're being deliberately obtuse or if you genuinely believe you can't talk to me in good faith. Either because you don't like me for whatever reason or you think I'm not capable of it. But I suspect that the latter isn't true given you haven't tried to find out. Either way, for someone who chose to be a moderator and requires some touch with dealing and conversing with members of the community, this is quite poor.
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