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  • I want to apologise for ot replying to the email you sent to us before you last hiatus. I agonised over how to reply to it for so long that when I eventually decided how I wanted to, it seemed weird and too late.

    Thank you so much for volunteering and serving! I sometimes felt you came in with a couple too many agendas, but I did too (more so tbh) when I came in so I can't blame you too much. You had a rough start but I definitely feel like you were getting much better, and even though I didn't agree with all your decisions (which tbh applies to every mod who actually makes decisions), I definitely always thought you were a good voice in the mod forum and I'll miss you input in those threads. I'd perhaps emplore you to stay on as some sort of moderation consultant, but knowing how VB works I'm not sure James would be on board with such a tricky-to-code role.

    I look forward to talking to you in the forum; I hope the experience doesn't make you grow weary of the forum in general.
    No worries mate, I thank you. Appreciate it. Just saw your message this morning as Ive been posting from my phone over the weekend.

    I do understand the point lad, and I do not dispute this at all. The term could be anything so far as I am concerned. But as a term, when applied to a human being, it is very negatively connoted, regardless of the context. Like the N word for example. "Oh we don't mean/use it like that".
    Just a note, probably best to edit post where you’ve mentioned Vimes and reflect the name change
    I hadn't really thought about doing the World Cup, the only microphone option I have for it is pretty much garbage town (even my phone is probably better) and I won't be able to get a good one in time unfortunately. I'm definitely planning on doing some of the Ashes though, and this post is probably the nudge I needed to get a new mic.
    Hey what is the appropriate place to discuss the infraction you gave me? Or is that a strict no-no. Simply need to clear up some confusion. Either way let me know.
    Hey, I was nosing on Sledger’s wall the other day and noticed your messages to him. Would like to extend my apologies also, was all done in good spirits but conscious it went too far. Also, weldone is truly an asshole.
    The city cannot handle all the rain either. It was flooding in my area for like an hour of what would be usual torrential downpour. :) But it was a relief and hopefully the scarcity stops soon. I believe it will get better once the rivers in Andhra start getting full, since we have the link with Krishna river.
    Its ok within the old city limits.. Pretty bad outside. There was some rain yesterday, but too little to feel any good. Hopefully it rains a bit more over the next week.
    Hey mate, I trust you realise I'm not in the least bit hankering for you to do anythign other than what you've been doing as a mod or as a poster. Deadset one of the good guys.

    I'd hoped the way I worded the posts made it clear I was having a lend, but it seems others have thought I was serious, so I wanted to drop you a line and let you know I wasn't being serious.

    Anyway, hope you're doing well.
    When I did something similar to Burgey I just asked Jack to give me an infraction and then unresevedly apologised in the thread it happened in. It might have been the better call here too. Whether it's in the filter or not is basically a red herring I think; what I called Burgey was filtered and it still went down like this.
    Not sure why you got peeved. I didn't call morgieb stupid, I called his idea (that point of release is the same as point of landing) a stupid one. He apparently didn't take any offence to it but you did - replying with an unnecessary "Stop calling others stupid..." If that was not an warning/threat, what was it?
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