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  • Harsh. Please if you could, make your way to the User Pictures thread in off-topic and ban me for my abuse of no less than three forum members. I don't want Vic or Spark to do it. I feel this should be both your duty and pleasure.
    why did you censor handjobs, isn't that the auto-censors job?

    I'd have gotten infracted for trying to weasle around the auto-censor if i posted ******** instead of handjobs
    Seriously, if all I can look forward to is constant battles and some sad ****tard getting on my back because his pubic hair leaked then count me out... If there's no structure or rules about off topic in the main 'important' threads then please delete my account... I'm five months pregnant and tired of the struggle, I'm totally emotionally drained.

    Best wishes, Caroline.
    So it's true saffy came over to have a go at me here... ? So sad.

    You wont get a peep from me x
    Being honest it makes things hard as the gang mentality here means if I want to load a specific topic then they (and they have) will crap over it... What image does this present to new people... ? I'm not a nasty person but you have given me permission to derail the move thread... I don't want to but this isn't equal and when things are lope sided people don't want to be a part of it. Maybe food for thought about cleaning things up, I don't want to dictate and not suggesting that but it may make things clearer and leave those of us who are not part of the gang culture able to express our views clearly and passionately.

    Cas x
    I think it would be a good idea to move all the rubbish about Bo Jackson and athleticism and best ever sportsman to its own thread
    I've reported a few but what's the point, they're all terrible.

    It's reached Blocky levels of obtuseness tho, the point where I know longer know if he genuinely cannot see what we are saying, or if he's trolling for reactions.
    Oh snap. Shouldn't we both get an official warning or something before that happens? Is that the official warning?

    I'm behaving. See how well behaved I am despite Miyagi going off the chain in the ATG XIs thread? No personal attacks! I'm being nice :)
    signed up

    Hey can I ask why warning/infractions last for different lengths of time? Some are longer than others. Is there some algorithm deciding this or do mods decide the duration when they hand them out? Just curious.
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