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  • I feel like Eve Harrington at the end of All About Eve. Sure I won, but I'm screwed now.
    Yeah I was never into heavily story/cut-scene based games before but found RDR2 very immersive and enjoyable. Massive time sink though.

    Give dark souls 3 a go imo. The series is what sold gaming to me and is truly atg entertainment. It’s a combat rpg based on extremely intuitive/responsive controls and a much harder but fairer difficulty curve than most AAA games. UC is a big fan as well.

    GTAV is fun and genuinely hilarious at times. Social commentary is a lot more south parkish than the gta games before which I think you’ll enjoy.
    I am listening to LCD soundsystem right now - quite enjoying their 'latest' effort which i think is from a couple of years ago. Also started getting into the Strokes again after listening to their latest album which was very good. I'm listening to 'Room on Fire' right now which I think I like as much as Is This It? Also listen to MBDTF by Kanye in full once in a while. It's really one of those spectacular albums which puts you in a positive zone without sacrificing any emotional depth. Radiohead's Moon Shaped Pool was a very cool album too imo while not being nearly as doomerific as their usual stuff. Try listening to 'burn the witch' imo.

    GF's into Taylor swift, Arctic Monkeys, Neutral Milk Hotel etc. all of which I enjoy a lot especially red and 1989 by TS. I am not half as much a a snob/obsessive about music these days anymore though, have transferred that range of tism into videogames.

    I see you've got a ps4. What are you playing? What type of **** do you like?
    Cheers fella. We're made up, obviously.

    Just our luck for a global pandemic to strike in her second trimester though!
    google "Babacar Sarr: How did an international footballer become a wanted man - then disappear?"

    i don't hold him personally responsible for what Sarr did ftr, and not for the "runaway" trick either. but it is another one in a series of stories where he seems to be in the football business to do his mates a good turn, regardless of football skill or personal characteristics.
    Fingers crossed.

    We've got a game in hand and with the way the fixtures have gone so far (we've missed 2 League games for the League Cup semi and final) we've got 11/19 games at home.

    It'll be a tight race, the rest of the league is so bad that neither us nor them will drop many points between now and the end of the season.

    Europe will be interesting as we both have very winnable last 32 ties, which would put the two legs for the last 16 either side of the 3rd derby game.
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