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Recent content by FrontierPsychiartrist

  1. F

    Funny Commentary Quotes

    Is it just me or does Mark Taylor and Ian Healy have verbal diahorrea?
  2. F

    Merv Hughes' Ten Commandments

    ahhh, funny 4 da first time
  3. F

    Most Overrated Player?

    My God, how long has this forum been going 4?
  4. F

    What Brand of Bat Do you Use and Why?

    Slazenger V800 coz i got it 4 $35 down at cash converters. still, it has a great middle nd got me 4 50's :)
  5. F

    Jadeja's Ban Lifted

    Is there hope for Azharuddins ban 2 b lifted?
  6. F

    Brad Hogg

    Brad Hogg will be the next great all-rounder. He comes from WA:)
  7. F

    New Nickname?????

    Hello, ne1 remember me?
  8. F

    do you walk?

    Depends on the match situation...
  9. F

    Who will you support in the World Cup??

    Australia, and ne1 playin New Zealand...
  10. F

    Ageing Australians

    Who tha hell is MacKenzie?
  11. F

    Do you think India is an entertaining team or a boring team?

    Any team with Tendulkar's gotta b entertainin
  12. F

    Idea for new poll

    Yeh, they should b given test status... But wat would happen with the 10 yr plan ICC has? Where will Kenya fit in?
  13. F

    I'm in love! I'm in love!

    Hey, thought I might come bak, ey? Net's gettin boring now... And **** U, I do have a lyfe, thanks...
  14. F

    200 members

    Me. Jks, guys. Wonderin how ya all doin now? My ICQ number is 164433053.
  15. F

    200 posts !!! congrats to you to frontier :D

    No, Im not. Im just starting to get bored ****less with this site (SORRY) The board could do without me for a week. DONT ASK- JUST PLAY Copy and paste this letter into a new e-mail.(PLEASE do NOT hit "Forward"); Then read the list of names. If your name is on the list, put a star * next to it...