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  • no worries. Think I might have spied a good pick too!

    Could be wrong though and he's already taken
    What the... just noticed there's a whole subforum dedicated to this. I think this is going to take me a bit of time.
    Reckon for Albie would be pretty fair tbh. Over the last 3 years or so he's averaged over 50 with the bat and under 25 with the ball. You don't get many players like that at all either.
    I want him and his babies. Let me have him pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee O:)
    Cevno... let me have Badri and swap places in the draft? I'd probably murder for him, I love that guy too much.
    If you have a problem with posts, you really need to report them rather than having a go back, because otherwise the thread can go completely off track - especially if other people get involved. If we do think action needs to be taken, it's unlikely to be right away because we would discuss it first.
    Because that's a thread for discussion of the forum rule changes - I had asked for the dispute to stop, and therefore when it continued I deleted the comments from all sides.
    Just to let you know that the database change means we're restarting the draft. Same order, so if you still want Sanga you'll almost certainly get him. However if you want someone else - bearing in mind there are now no keeper "restrictions" (in that there is only a limit number) and that the database will be updated up til very recently, I haven't pencilled you in. Just post in the new thread when picking starts as usual :)
    Hi Friend

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    Cricket Discussion
    Cevno, thoughts on the IPL draft order confusion? Are you going to make your selections from the position in the order Blaze posted or the one I posted? :)
    Harrasment of other members does not really apply there. Just said he complains too much which is hardly harrassing .

    And i really was being partly sarcastic with my post and thus the smilie ahead of it and trying to make a point at the same time.
    Not really looking for a reaction.

    Besides what reaction is it likely to cause anyway?
    I can dig out instances of moaning to support it and make it a factual post and repost it again if you want.
    And you have no idea what posts GIMH has been reprimanded for, so stop getting so high and mighty.

    2 rules:
    *Baiting, looking to get a reaction out of GIMH.
    *Harassment of other members.
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