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Recent content by cbuts

  1. cbuts

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    so is that the season then?
  2. cbuts

    Champions League : Taylor , Oram and Napier to play for IPL franchises?

    Of course the IPL would take precident. Its an IPL tournament - they dont have to invite CD.
  3. cbuts

    Huge gap in FTP or Cricinfo error?

    NZ is touring Bangladesh and India later in the year then Hosting Pakistan before the World Cup. Will be a hectic 4-5 months
  4. cbuts

    Group B - Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe

    id be very very suprised if its anything more than $1.01
  5. cbuts

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    where do you get a copy of the sim from? i may be able to have a look at it. flick me an email. cbuts99@hotmail.com
  6. cbuts

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    looking forward to getting back into the action! any chance of a points table update?
  7. cbuts

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    Is this just the dev league, or the England series aswell?
  8. cbuts

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    another crash eh?
  9. cbuts

    *Official* Australia in New Zealand

    i kinda understood it to mean 1Mcintosh 2Watling 3Sinclair/Ingram 4Taylor 5Guptil 6Vetorri 7Mccullum 8Williamson/Franklin 9Southee 10Arnel 11Martin
  10. cbuts

    Can NZ cricket ever recover?

    thats the next home series, we are definitely touring bangladesh india or sri lanka this year
  11. cbuts

    Can NZ cricket ever recover?

    WI havent beaten NZ in a test match since 1995/96.... Only Bangladesh and Zimbabwe can match that record
  12. cbuts

    Can NZ cricket ever recover?

    also, what i dont understand, how can we regularly get 250 v- 300+ in odi's yet struggle to even get 200 in a test... has to be a mental thing at the moment Whens our next test series? Bangladesh/India late this year?
  13. cbuts

    Can NZ cricket ever recover?

    Believe NZ were the only team to beat West Indies in a sereis in the 80's It will take 4 or 5 years. if you look back of the last few decades we were good in the late 80's, 98/88-03/4 we got up to number 3 or so in tests. Taylor, Ryder, Guptil, Williamson should form a key part of our batting...