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  • How's it going? Dropped you a mail not sure if you're still on the same address - no worries or offence if you just cbf to reply btw - anyway you've been missed
    If you want to take over LMS that is ok, but be advised that GIMH has been winning and it's a bit distressing
    Mate I left four oasis albums out. It's like picking favourite kids (though that's pretty easy on a day to day basis tbf)
    Picturing you today with your album collection strewn across your living room as you put them into piles based on their worth

    I found it hard. Drew up a short list of 56 and had to be brutal to get that low. Feel pretty guilty about some of my omissions tbh
    Thoughts on the Flowers incident? Can't believe people are defending it myself. If it happened off the field there would be serious discussion of gaol time. Should get a year, minimum.
    Yeah, fair few downsides with some channels we don't get but stuff like ESPN, Bt Sport etc has always been there no cost with the package I'm on
    Premier Sports costs extra with sky? How much?

    I get it free but didn't know it was there until one of you guys told me that's where I could find the RLWC
    Pretty sure they keep changing the names of these comps just to gyp me out of that. A plan 20 years in the making.
    As good a reason as any. I can't seem to fall asleep anywhere but bed, with the exception of on a bridge over the river in Berlin
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