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Agent Nationaux

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  • Oh good news on that one. Done many of them, and not failed them yet - looks like their following the fast stream process.

    Remind me on Wednesday and I'll get you the feedback from mine, and tell you what to expect - hell I can probably take a punt at which test they'll give you.
    When I went for the TPGP, didn't have an assessment day, was purely interview and online tests. I've done assessments for others, but they were Civil Service wide, not HMRC, and they were for policy roles rather than a technical one like this. I'll have a mooch around this week, see what I can find out from colleagues.
    More than that, it's just the fact that they are number 1 at the moment. Would love to see a quick fall. The English are one of the few sides I can't stand being at the top. And over the last couple of years I've just built an intense dislike for the English and Australian teams. Also, the fact that I think Swann's the biggest **** going around doesn't help... :P
    Tends to vary i'll watch the whole of this test and i might try to get some nexft one but its gonna be a lot of highlights for me.
    Haha, trust me I'll be cheering for Pakistan too when they play England. Will definitely be interesting to see how both the series pan out, and answer quite a few questions.
    Lol nice one, he reminds me of a cricinfo commenter/commentist?

    But yeah don't worry I always use a fine brush in regards to people.
    Yeah sorry I just don't like hearing people insinuate things like that borders on the racist.

    Anyway I stand by what I said Fat man Zak ain't gonna last the series.
    Morning at the missus', afternoon at mine...running around after my daughter all day!
    Done, Sir! And love the avatar. There are way too many Imran avatars going with the Pak supporters. Good to see some variety!
    Haha should've known. In fact, I should've remembered since you just posted on the TV thread about Dexter! Duh
    Haha, Homeland is the next series on my list to catch up on this winter break. I've heard so many good things about it.

    As for your question, IMHO, Breaking Bad is the best current show on TV. The only other show that comes close in terms of its excellence is Mad Men. So if you're going to watch just one, start with Breaking Bad. Just know that it actually gets better each season. Dexter is overall a good show as well. The first four seasons were high quality; the subsequent ones have had a noticeable decline. Still worth watching though. Have you seen Mad Men? If not, I'd rank them as Breaking Bad > Mad Men > Dexter.
    I would actually love to meet Imran and get an autograph. I idolized him growing up and there's not a sportsman I admire more. I'm even tempted to go to the next PTI fundraiser he holds in Dallas just to get that chance. I just...can't...bring myself to fork over $100 (the price of admission) to his party though. ;-)
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