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Thread: Cricket AM speed gun challenge

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    Cricket AM speed gun challenge

    I'm not expecting a massive reply to this thread (or any), but think that the Cricket AM speed gun challenge is a pretty interesting venture to find the pace of club bowlers. From my experience with a handheld gun, its evident that the bulk of club bowlers (below a high club level) are between 60-72mph, when going full tilt.

    Sky Sports | Cricket | Don't Miss These | Speed Gun challenge!
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    Yeah, was enjoyable, strange how spinners in international cricket bowl as fast as a moderate club bowler.
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    Thing is if you ask some of the old boys individually at your club who the fastest player they faced was they will all remember and say the same bloke.I remember as a kid watching the opposition keeper standing nearly two thirds of the way to the boundary for their opening bowler who for our level was bloody quick.God knows how quick he actually was but it is safe to say all the players who played against him remember him.

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    I am pretty sure I am between 45 - 60mph with my offies, and 45 - 55mph with my leggies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slowfinger View Post
    Yeah, was enjoyable, strange how spinners in international cricket bowl as fast as a moderate club bowler.
    This is confusing to me. Harbhajans quicker ball is around 100Kms around the same as a medium pace club bowler yet he is just walking in.

    Also I think in Kms 60miles is 100kms and 70 mph is 112 kms.

    I always felt like the opening bowlers I faced in the second level of Hamilton club cricket were 120kms. They were nippy. I have also faced bowlers where the ball is still accelerating when it reached me - or that is what it looked like to the naked eye. This is all at club level.
    When I have seen Darryl Tuffey in his opening warm up over trundle down at 120kms I feel like I could face that when I watch him live. However Chris Martin at 135kms frightens me he looks so quick and I probably would not walk out to bat against him or I would embarrass myself or get hurt.

    So maybe it has been my imagination all these years but I thought the quicker guys I faced were at 120kms - but I guess the speed gun doesn't lie. Food for thought.
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    happens every year in Pakistan almost every major city infact Sohail Khan was a discovery of one of these pace challenges.

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    They had something like this in New Zealand for secondary school kids when I was at school, I'm not too sure if it's run anymore though. The year I entered it the slowest speed bowled by anyone to make the finals was 129k, which at the time I thought was quite high for HS kids.
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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire
    Had one of these things run by Natwest in the city centre of Leeds actually. I had a go in jeans and some old trainers and managed to get 65mph, which is reasonable considering I was a spinner. Reckon most bowlers would be able to get a bit faster than that.
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