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Thread: Auction draft

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    Auction draft

    As I mentioned before I went away, I was considering starting an auction draft and as it appears the Sheep draft is coming to a close, it seems an ideal time.

    The basics would be that each person has a fixed budget to spend on their 11-man squad and for each round submits silent bids on the fixed list of players in that round. You can bid for as many or as few as you want in each round but can only get 1 player per round.

    The highest overall bid received in a round gets that player, then the highest for the remaining players in the round and so on. If someone is left without a valid bid then they will pay a sum to be determined for whatever player is left over (equivalent to the highest amount bid in that round)

    I would anticipate that each round would last for 3-4 days or so (to allow everyone a chance to think over their bids) and I would keep track of everyone's individual budgets (results of each round won't contain the prices bid)

    I don't propose a limit on participants in this as for each round we will only have a certain number of players on offer.

    My initial suggestion is that the players to be put up for auction in the next round will be picked by the managers - one each (included in the email so nobody knows who has proposed who) - any duplicates I will make up the numbers from world players.

    Anybody interested, please post here and when I have the email set up for it, I will invite suggestions for the first round of the draft.

    My initial thoughts would be the first round is wicket-keepers, then we have 6 batsmen and 4 bowlers in some order - all rounders should mainly be obvious as to whether they are batsmen or bowlers - if this is the case, should we have 2 separate rounds for openers or should they be included in batsmen in general and leave it up to the individual to select a proper balanced side?

    Any ideas will be welcomed and if they make more sense than what I've posted (probably my longest post ever!) then I'll incorporate them.

    Obviously I won't participate as that would be a tad unfair.
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    Sounds a really interesting format, would be keen.

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    Above you

    Agree with the first round being wicket keepers, I personally think that openers should just be lumped in with batsmen or a maximum of one specialist opener round maybe
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    I'm not a Bollywood star, but I'd still love to be in on this.

    I'm not sure about the silent bids. An open bidding process would be more exciting, perhaps?

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    I'd be willing to pair up with someone. Wouldn't do very well on my own.

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    Count me in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G.I.Joe View Post
    I'm not a Bollywood star, but I'd still love to be in on this.

    I'm not sure about the silent bids. An open bidding process would be more exciting, perhaps?
    Open bidding wouldn't really work with people scattered around the world to be honest - would make it far too drawn out IMO.

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    Okay I'll go along with this
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    Great idea. In

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    Ill give it a go. Sounds interesting
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    I'll go in for this. Seems an interesting concept. I'll try and keep going with this one all the way through (apologies, I should have more time on this Draft). Might have to knock my idea for a draft back a bit, which is a bit of a shame, but this should be a thought-provoking draft.
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    Havent been in a draft for a while, would be keen for this one.

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    Sounds good, will give it a go.

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    Would be keen, if there's a spot left.
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